Author Topic: (Archive) Papa Wemba, Nyoka Longo, Evoloko & Mavuela rehearsing in Nsele ('87)  (Read 734 times)

mvulusi96 on: July 11, 2018, 02:40

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Lol I didn't knew that Vieux Poly used to smoke cigarettes.

Papa Wemba, Pepe Felly Manuaku, Nyoka Longo, Evoloko Lay & Mavuela Somo rehearsing in Nsele along with the musicians of Zaiko for the 18th birthday which took place at Salle des Congres of Palais du Peuple. It would have been more special if Gina Efonge & Bozi Boziana were also present. The full concert of Zaiko's 18th birthday used to be on youtube, but they deleted it. Till this day I don't understand why Nono Monzuluku and Bebe Atalaku didn't participate to that party, what was the reason ? 5 months after that concert Zaiko would split. With Bimi Ombale refusing to wear those Skol uniforms, you could feel that their were tensions in the band. Beniko Popolipo would already leave Zaiko after that concert and join Monza 1er's band Stars Magnats and JP Buse would also leave some weeks later.
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