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He says his bond with ferre and savimpi was naturally since they were the three younger guys and talked about and was asked to talk about their first trip or more like their first attempt of trip to europe,and he says he new he would not be on the list and he was patient  as jb was always reassuring him that his time will come soon,and during their last concert  before feux de l'amour trip werra took the mic and said ferre seguin and  savimpi will go to europe with us
the day of triple ferre reassuredn by that share his few clothes  and werra was still making him think he will travel he was telling him he has to wear heavy clothes because its cold in europe and time for trip arrived,and ferre approached jb  jb told him to wait because mbuta kiss has to arrive with all their passports then when mbuta arrived ferre approached him and mbuta says go and see with werra,he goes to see werra werra says go to see mbuta  and that ferre literally ran after the plane shouting "stop stop stop "
 before the plane took off jb told him "you and ferre  keep working next time you'll come dont let your head down" and gave him some money and he went to ferre to tell him what jb said but taunted him a bit since him seguin was basically coming to see them all go
he is asked to explain wenge split since he was there and he says one even people never mention when talking about wenge split is a concert in chad in capital ndjamena(which titina refused to go to to protest for salary) and its where he understood something was going really wrong,they were promoting generique ndombolo and cavalier solitaire in that concert and he saw one of the big admins which he cant mention out of big respect for him says "these songs are shit,wait for when i do my album and a feat with a certain other big congolese artist" he was like wow what just happened and later in the concert he went to jb's ear to tell him
so basically the success of feux de l'amour is for him the cause of the split because not everybody in the group could handle it
 and he says them youngsters were worried with the blatant fallout they were witnessing because jb werra masela makaba adolphe blaise bula  and even to some extent the other older guys were proven and succesful already while they were nobodies and future was more incertain for them but the split ended up being a blessing in disguise for them
and he talked about when he came to europe at the start of bcbg and that before bataclan patrick bolonia who did not know jb then had to pass by a member to hopefully get jb to give him shoutout and he told him "if jb gives me  shoutout i will give you that car you see there" and he managed to tell jb who gave him  two big shoutouts in the concert and bolonia was overjoyed and  gave him the car,and he remembers that his room where he was staying in france was facing a cemetery which a bit strange but that he was not even impressed by that as he could see  what was now his car parked and whenever he woke up during the night he'd go ou and touch the car or something like that
then bolonia asked him if he has saved some money to be able to send the car to kinshasa and he says yes and the amount he had and bolonia said keep it i will pay
 and when the car arrived  he could not believe it,and drove from  alain mpela's house in bandal to matete where their family comes from  and he  says it was a special moment for him to present the car to his friends after having had hard times to extent that he was sometimes sleeping in streets after the death of his mother and was like wow i have made it from that to this
and aicha asked if he is not jealous of ferre becoming like he is today and  he says not at all ferre is ferre and deserves fully to be like that because he went through serious hardship to become who he is today
and he had a second car from that tour to which he gave to theo bidens as jb wanted all musicians to arrive at least with a car to give good image for the group