Author Topic: SO NICE TO SEE LOLA MUANA AGAIN  (Read 475 times)

archos on: June 21, 2018, 22:42

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he says he started his career as a bass player(a part from singing in church here and there) and later on developed taste for singing when watching older brothers like zulema(of bcbg) or zoe bella,lacoste,chou lay,shela mputu and he says as a guitarist he was impressed with how easily zulema used to get in perfect tune with notes so zulema coached him into really becoming a singer which is why until today he has massive respect for him and he admits that  his song pragmatisme belonged to zulema
then when his late dad dindo yogo discovered he had started singing he came back to kin and they recorded together in his dad's group ngwaka aye then his dad moved abroad and he ended up joining quartier latin like we know
he is reminded of a scene of quartier latin members and koffi himself being wowed by him when he interpreted vocals of late babia and eric tutsi and he says he understand why they were surprised because its a bit unusual to hear a guy who is used as a bass voice hit tenor with such ease
he is asked about the death of his dad and he says his dad was diagnosed with  nerves issues on his head and went through treatment and he got an offer to go and perform in USA  and he told him he'd handle all the paperwork and stuff of musicians to ease him but he feels his dad was not fully fit yet and while he was on europe tour with quartier latin,his dad decided to go back to kin and go to USA with his group which had the likes of musikasika for example and unfortunately his health worsened,and he was sent to emergency in kinshasa and at one of the last concerts of the tour when he arrived  koffi and all his group mates were looking at him strangely but nobody was talking so he decided to ask koffi what was going on and he was informed his dad was in emergency but not dead yet but he died two days after and he took upon himself to still perform two times with quartier latin as he needed money to organize funerals to his dad so people saying papa yogo died because he was broke and he got too depressed or people saying he died of pain because of a woman are saying bullshit and may God forgive them
 earlier in interview he also talked about his friends who are having good solo careers,he revealed he meet fally recently and he joked with fally "bro you have succeeded come on buy your homie a car" and fally was surprised that he had no car and he said he had too much responsability on his shoulders to afford having a car(he is known for having a lot of kids) and he says he is proud of his friends and he prepares songs in his home studio and maybe one day if he finds a producer he can release an album with their participation

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Nkiadi… You are about to tour in the USA and then your bandleader dies. mawa mingi. Musika-sika and Tonton Lay were lucky to join Academia the same year and go to Europe.

Congolese bandleaders are so stubborn. Vieux Dindo had just to take time to recover. If he took the time then he would still have been in life. Rest In Peace.

In the other interview he made with Yves Ipan he looked a not happy when they were talking about Zaiko. It smees that alot musicians aren't happy in Zaiko, but that has always been the case since the 80's.