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He had been politically correct since they left but it seems he has enough of attacks so he decided to speak now
he says he is 43 now and he knows roga since he is 3 so for him apart from being his leader roga was an older brother from same avenue,and he never imagined he'd leave extra one day until in 2018 when they came to perform in france  he suffered a strong blood sugar attack and collapsed and was taken to hospital and since he did not have french papers and health insurance he had to find money to pay for treatment and despite being very weak he took suburb train  to go where roga was and when he arrived he explained to roga roga categorically said he had no money while they came with huge amount of money from donors and government so that everybody returns happy and has his needs satisfied and already at hospital french nurses told him he should stay in french as he is sick but out of love for his elder brother roga  he decided to go back especially as  all the other guitarists except espe bass ran away in france so he asks for money from brazza and they sent him and he got treated and returned and when they returned they went to cameroon and he whole group except nobody was super furious  he literally abandonned them to go chill with donors in another cameroon city and they received not even a cent its from that the started knowing he wont last too long anymore he felt betrayed because he spent pretty much all his life in the group from being 16 to being 42
despite upset he took upon himself to still be in the group as they had a tour going on and his absence would be detrimental to the group knowing every of the song and having no other soloist to cover
he got fed up in 2019 because instead of things calming down it became much worse,roga started think he is God and talking like them they are shit,yes he is big brother from avenue but now they both are grown men with their families so there are some behaviour you cant tolerate anymore for your own dignity,after rehearsals roga would call them for reunions and tell them "i am roga roga i have succeeded in life i am the boss and who wants to remain here has to bow the one who does not accept it can fxxk off and create a band with his family" and they all look at each other like "wtf is going on"
and one day he went to see him and say "big bro why are you talking to us like that whats the problem" and roga would try to play it down and say that he will explain to him one day
and they were about  to let him perform on his own but manager bebert etou stepped in to try to appease things
and by the way they organized an operation to poach him away from kevin mbouande who was on a serious rise and roga was fearing that kevin would outshine him at this rate so they made a whole plan to create a mess between kevin and bebert so that he joins their side to weaken kevin
roga had become too egocentric and it became hard to handle,even him as the chef d'orchestre had absolutely no clue of  the amount of any contract while it was his responsability to pay musicians  and if he asked he was given rude answer and cold look
the final nail was when they were doing patati patata in studio, its well known that in congolese music of both sides copyright or digital sales do not generate much so they rely a lot on mabanga and out of the blue roga decided that nobody would come with his mabanga list and that they should hand money back to people and was mocking them that they'd suffer which hurt them as roga was not even there when they were working he'd just turn up hours later when he wants to come and start doing mabanga and everybody wanted to leave and there started the nouvel horizon project
he is asked about bebert being the guy behind their move and he says bebert did not even know about anything and  went back to the 2018 europe tour where  before being sick he was sitting with roga and bebert called and  roga lied that he was gone to another french city  to see one of his children to avoid giving him money while he reality he was about to go to belgium to buy himself an expensive car with the money they came with which was destined to them all
and that they were starting to wake  bebert up about how roga was conning him on several things and if shame could kill people roga would be dead long ago because he pretends he is the victim of bebert's coup while before the musicians "opened bebert's eyes"  roga was already sending people to insult bebert  and one of them after falling out with roga came to him and apologized and thats where  he started believing what musicians were telling him about roga and thats how he also decided to leave roga
and roga has himself to blame for the situation,instead of playing the victim more than 17 important members left the group before them because of him and he cant pretend all them are all wrong,that song of "they are ungrateful to me " is washed up now so he should open his eyes and man up and change with his current group
in nouvel horizon they want to do things differently,each of them has a contract of 2 years to renew,each of them has agreed on paper a percentage he'll receive of every contract and that they recorded quickly simply because they have a lot of experience so it was easy to click on another project
 before the end of the year they will release their first album "vision" and they are not targetting congolese musicians in a petty war which will make them earn nothing,they want to enter properly the world of digital sales and aim for international market because so far there is not even an artist in congo who generates 1500 euros from digital sales and its not good enough
since its open to fans question he gets questions about how he should be grateful to roga for coaching him to become like he is,and he says him and roga learned from the same teacher but since roga was more advanced he passed him some of his experience but after learning like that he also built his own history through hardwork,its not because roga guided him 20+ years ago that he should be his slave,which maybe roga thought and is insulting him in several interviews
gratefulness must not be only one way,it should not be that because you are  the younger one you have to be the one who is grateful because he put a lot of sweat and energy for over 20 years  and if somebody who he took like his own big brother is not ashamed of coming and trying to steal his wife  then leaving him is like salvation but he does not want to  go long on that he has a lot he can say but he prefers focusing on music and he will prove in their next album that he is a  strong guitarist and he gets along with all the big names of the original extra musica many have been calling him to give adviced for their new project and in their new album people will see their true identity because the choc project was done freshly after they left  and he also reacted to messages of hate coming from extra zangul fans during the live and said he is used to it and it affects him in nothing the best answer to those people is the future
he is asked if one day he will also become a lead singer like roga roga and franco and he says never,he is too happy playing guitar and its a pleasure for him to make singers shine so its not in his plans to switch and he does not wish to be tempted by that one day
They will be signing for a big label next week if all goes well and every of the 10 co founders (him,rama,zaparo,bastin,kassoul,levyson,dido senga,obama,chella  and dodi ) has to sign the deal
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Thank you Archos for the translation. At this rate Roga Roga's best years are behind him. He has become to selfish no one will be willing to work with him. I pity the guys still with him. Am sure among all the remaining guys, only Esperance can stand up to Roga and demand to be treated right. I forsee another mutiny soon. He's in self destruct mode. I wonder why Bondomania didn't join Extra Musica NH instead of Zangul.

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If this is the situation indeed, it makes it clear why the albums of Roga became worse and worse in the past 10 years. He just simply totally lost the track of how to keep good musicians together to create something that is interesting and seem to care more about cars than working in the studio with passion.

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I prefer Roga Roga when he was just a lead guitarist. After looking at this, this only pushes me to like Extra Musica NH even more! I like Roga Roga as a guitarist as he is the king of distortion (my opinion) but in terms of leadership... What a shame.