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Cool, how did Felly acquire the "Tyson" nickname, was it the signature haircut?
You do not beat a drum with one finger

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blanchard was born in 1969 in bandundu and raised in kinshasa,like most artists he started at church and in streets with makeshift instruments,trying to imitate the likes of soloist bongo wende of viva la musica,roxy tshimpaka of zaiko,pepe felly manuaku...
his passion for music develops when he starts to learn with true instruments,as he learns not only solo,but also in interested in pretty much all the other instruments
he will then be when aged 14 in taz junior,the junior section of female group taz bolingo,where he plays alongside willy ebondaki who will later be a victoria eleison soloist and flory telecel who will be cultura's first ever drummer
in the early 1990's he joins station japana of radja kula where he replaces pitshou santiago gone to wenge el paris and gets nicknamed "petit japonais"
his fast playing style,heavily inspired of bongo wende,matches station japana's music based around eye catching choreographies and he starts to earn himself a good reputation and gets attention from bigger groups
in fact in 1996 a place is up for grabs as the number 1 alain makaba is in europe and soloist burkina faso is seen as unstable,so to avoid being left with only maitre ficarré,a new soloist is needed and japonais fits it perfectly as he is a promising talent aiming for more national and international exposure
then becomes a wenge musica member and plays a major role in jb mpiana's solo album feux de l'amour as the partitions of generique ndombolo and several songs are his
in fact,he brought the ndombolo partition from station japana but pitshou santiago who was there before him claims its his partition
when wenge musica retun to kinshasa,he stays in europe and is a guest in albums like ultimatum or kester's succes fou
as wenge split,and the newly born wenge bcbg arrives in europe he participates to first moments of album titanic's recording and is involved in the creation of generique once again coming with an old partition from station japana but he does not remain with them
at the same time, werrason who just co-founded wenge musica maison mere with didier masela and adolphe dominguez wants to get him into the group and tasks his cousin kija brown to convince japonais to come back to kinshasa and in early 1998 japonais returns to kin and becomes the group's artistic director and main soloist
he participates in all maison mere's big events until 2004 when he joins bill clinton,ferre jdt and co in les marquis de maison mere
but one year after the group split and he keeps doing various session work in europe including with wenge maison mere in album temp present
 he release a "world music" album transe en danse in 2008 and returns to maison mere in 2012 2013 and leaves again as he prepares a second album


ramazani was born in  70's grows in kisangani,were he grows and starts as a singer in church and later learns guitar thanks to a guy called moreno
from then he will start combining both in street groups like anti bal,eclair musica.... and arrives in kinshasa in 1990
in 1991 he starts playing with singer gatho beevans and at the same time he learns at studio bobongo with the likes of al nzimbi and zola tempo
two years later he joins choc stars and in 1996 he will first be a session artist with reddy amisi then become a member of papa wemba's nouvelle ecriture and viva la musica
in 2000 he leaves viva la musica along with bendoson and christian the keyboard player to form a group but it does not last long and all three end up joining quartier latin(bendo doing less than a week though) and from the three he is the one who remains the longest in the group and even gets a song "juif noir" in the group album affaire d'etat
in 2004 he decides to remain in europe and becomes a session artist for various musicians of various countries and will have a short experience with fofo le collegien,deo brando and co in the group les chics men


serge was born on 3rd of april in 1978 grows in kinshasa in bandal and will have his first contact with music as a dancer in family parties and some funerals in his neighborhood,from there will come his musical nickname "celeo" as he loves dancing to zaiko's sebenes and particularly one animation "cele ohhhh...." and his sisters will start calling him like that to joke on him
he starts street music with makeshift instruments with his friend flamme kapaya in the group batsenge,and shortly later he will be in didi kalombo's fraternité musica with the likes of zing kapaya,fiston mamale....and is like a back-up atalaku for pekoce animation(who will later join big stars)
most of the group will end in duc herode's golden tchatcho,but in the same period celeo is tested at a wenge musica 4X4 looking for a guy to replace suspended tutu caludji,the very same day ferre chair de poule is tested
he impresses all the administrators who tell him to see secretary mbuta kiss kisolokele and give personal information but things do not work out well with mbuta kiss
so he goes back to golden tchatcho and does some session work with comedians mbuta likasu and ngadiadia ngadios
when wenge musica 4X4 split,adolphe dominguez goes to get him and he convinces adolphe to take with him his friend flamme kapaya aswell
celeo becomes the second atalaku of wenge musica maison mere next to bill clinton kalonji,who is given far more time,but celeo manages to be extremely efficient whenever he is given some space
he will get in 2002 a massive boost of popularity with the animation "koyimbi ko" and when in 2004 some musicians leave to create les marquis,celeo remains with werrason and has a much bigger role in the group to extent that he is even seen as a possible new chef d'orchestre to replace ferré
in 2007,after 10 years in the group and feeling that his president wants to get rid of him,he announces he has left the group after being abandoned on purpose by the group in europe and his passport gone with the group in kinshasa
he records with help of his friends seguin mignon,flamme kapaya,fally ipupa,kabose bulembi and co his first album "nzoto na nzoto" which gets a good reception and even ends up nominee in albums of the year in 2008
Three years after he releases second album "yes we can" which despite good quality is far less promoted so the impact is different from first album
celeo announces for the end of this year his third album" ici c'est paris" where he aims to bounce back

TUTU YOMBO LUMBU " tutu caludji le number one"

tutu was born in kinshasa on 3rd of april in 1974 and grew up listening to viva la musica of papa wemba who became his idol and role model
like many kids,he will start singing at church in early 80's then in street groups in early 1990's,starting with promise musica  with the likes of polystar,mboshi lipassa,theo mbala...aswell as staff london
in 1993,manda chante leaves wenge musica  and as wenge looks for a replacement,tutu appoints for a test along with several other singers including aimelia lias and both of them impress a lot,but they only need one guy
tutu then reveals them he can also do animation, and that is how both are kept in the group
it is the start of a new style of animation,which is close to singing,unlike the previous style which consisted more in shouting
therefore,he will complement very well the other wenge musica atalaku roberto ekokota and in the second half of the 1990's tutu comes with an animtion which wwill single-handedly cause  a revolution in congolese music
this animation is ndombolo and until today its the name people use to refer to congolese music,which shows how big was the impact of that animation
before that,tutu will shine in album pentagone in 1996 and convince his father who was a bank director to let him do his career instead of finishing university to have a "more prestigious job"
tutu follows jb mpiana,alain makaba and blaise bula when wenge musica split and becomes a more important member than "just an atalaku"as he is "the ministry of interior,in charge of the anti-terrorist operations" in the "governement of wenge bcbg"
he will release his first song in album internet in 2001,tshico londonien,were he samples a vocal of his idol papa wemba and declines for the first time an approach to join quartier latin
three years latin he has no song on album anti terro and rejects a second approach and is appointed bcbg's new chef d'orchestre
he releases a second song in group album kipe ya yo two years later but most of the fellow "chiefs" of the group do not appreciate his evergrowing influence and as to prove jb their love they think it would be good to unsettle tutu who for them think he is becoming a second jb
that aside,he has strong contacts with businessman didi kinuani who is a known rival of jb and it completely nails it for him in bcbg
tutu gets a contract trial with skol and recruits musicians after failing to convince some bcbg musicians to follow him
he then performs at fikin in summer of 2007 with young musicians like milito,robinio mundibu....and starts recording a solo album
he will release album paris match in 2010 but album has serious promotion issues and album is not too succesful despite its good quality
 he disappears from tv for years because of personal problems makes a short appearence singing at a church which makes people think he has gone into religious music
but in reality he takes time to deal with personal issues and learns theology as his faith helped him a lot to overcome his difficulties
in september 2015 he makes an unexpected return into "popular music" and starts playing some sunday concerts but is yet to talk about a project of an album

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Tutu's album wasn't that good of an album, your his friend that's why you say it's good.
Or moto asala le monde eza yo Nzambe tata, Kita okata po mokili trop matata, kata- Fally Ipupa

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Very informative. Cheers Archos - Ordinateur

Tutu's album wasn't that good of an album, your his friend that's why you say it's good.

The issue I saw with that album is that Tutu's singing/voice was a shell of its former self. Even the Guantanamo on Kipe Ya Yo was much strong the version on his album. The recent Paris mini-concert however indicates he's still in good form and ready for a big comeback.

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There was a male dancer called "Zimbabwe" who was with papa wemba and bozi during this era.....anything on him.

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Cool, how did Felly acquire the "Tyson" nickname, was it the signature haircut?

exactly it came from his haircut

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about celeo i forgot to add that in the mid 1990's he tried to join kibinda nkoy but it did not happen because he was rejected due to rivalry between bandal and kintambo(fally will be accepted more easily because he had moved for some time to kintambo) and also he was among the musicians recruited in kin to form victoria dream team dream band before kester arrived,but he did not last more than a day or two(just for the record a guy like atele of f victeam group was also there and moved as quick as him for talent latent and later empire bakuba and afrisa of tabu ley)

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Could you also write about Alphatshino, Champion Djikapela Esthetique and Theo Mbala
Aah Pitshou atika nde bilobela na ba solo naye elemba.

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serge aka alpatchino was born in kinshasa on 20th of january in 1974,and had his first contact with music in a church were he was the lead singer of junior section of the choir
then in the late 1980's he joins street group litonge bouge in his neighborhood of matonge
in 1992 he joins the street group promise musica where he will be a singer following the footsteps of his role model reddy amisi,alongside mboshi lipasa,tutu caludji,theo mbala,alino biongo(now known as alino vimba in zaiko)
with his group he sometimes perform before big groups like wenge musica,quartier latin and so on arrive on stage and from then he becomes a pire petit of wenge musica's main men jb and werra who sometimes even invite him to sing at wenge's public la samba rehearsals
around 1995 he joins music section of comedy group chic choc loyenge of ngadiadia ngadios and shines,meanwhile he sometimes rehearses privately with werrason
almost 4 years later, he joins viva la musica along with his chic choc colleague tocha bass and starts a big revolution in viva la musica,as for the first time in viva(nouvelle ecriture) there will be a guy whose job is to make people dance,whereas in the past any of the singers were doing animation or even sometimes it was collective animation
but before that in 1998,he releases a solo album offensive generalisee featuring the likes of mboshi lipasa,celeo,babia chokoro...which gets a good reception
he will quickly impress in nouvelle ecriture with his singing and animation skills aswell as his natural charisma and will be a pivotal member in the groups first olympia and zenith and in papa wemba's solo album fula ngenge
when bendoson leaves,he gets a bigger role as he becomes "le capitaine de l'équipe"
in album kolo histoire he will have a vocal in the song" maria remix" which will remain arguably one of his most popular vocals
in album somo trop he will have one song "esprit ya sika" and will try his best to make the group stick together while papa wemba is in europe dealing with "ngulu affair"
in 2007 he decides to leave the group and start solo career and starts working on second solo album chifre 7 contre mur but quickly he will suffer what will be diagnosed as renal failure
 in 2008 its an alpatchino who has lost a lot of weight we get to see on tv and he will soon be sent to emergency after the situation worsens
a slight improvement brings hope to fans and friends but unfortunately it gets worse again in february of 2009 and alpatchino passes away on morning of 16th of february and it leads to rumours that papa wemba got him killed because of his relationship with dancer julie mulanga which also was a wemba favorite
papa wemba avoids coming to his funerals  because of that


frederic was born in 1973 grows in lemba and starts music in a traditional group playing mbonda at a young age,and when he enters adolescence he will start learning drums at church and later in street group lemba musica of boguys bompema,alongside the likes of sweet elesse later in victoria eleison,binda bass later in quartier latin...
 he is spotted by dakumuda and joins laviniora esthetique where he gets nicknamed" bampika esthetique" and plays in the group until mid 1990's then goes for a test in wenge musica as he aims for more recognition and fame and that day coincides with another drummer being tested
 that drummer is seguin mignon and seguin wins as he has impressed all the group leaders unlike esthetique who was backed only by didier masela
he then goes to quartier latin where there is a place up for grabs as kaps kapangala remained in europe and with the growing group popularity koffi wants two drummers,he will then be accepted to play along with coco tchomba in album ultimatum
he participates also in koffi's solo album loi and even dances in some clips and when some musicians leave to create quartier latin academia champion remains in quartier latin and even becomes the group's chef d'orchestre,the group's number two as suggest his song on group album force de frappe and will shine at the group's concert at bercy
 one year later he participates in koffi's solo album effrakata but does not appreciate the fact the young cambodge who just came to the group gets more songs and very important songs to play
but that decision also hides a personal problem with his boss about a girl who preferred him to his boss,he decides to live and join the rival wenge bcbg where he will be nicknamed "superchampion" but he will not last long as he does not fit well into the group
he tries to join zaiko langa langa but things do not work out well,he will then be in viva tendances of papa wemba in the mid 2000's and mainly do session work until today where he has started a solo career

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Nice one masta Archos

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Aah Alpatchino R.I.P.
I loved when he animated in Kikongo, espacially in the album Fula Ngenge and Bakala Dia Kuba and the song Cafe and his vocal in Maria "remix"where wonderfull. "Kala ba nkoko balaka na mungwa, ya biso bana ekoma falangwa whohoho. Toyankanana boye teee....." That were vocals with a message, not vocals with only names which we are seeying today.

Did Mamale Tupac leave Quartier Latin for similair reasons, like Champion Djikapela? or was that about the money that he was complaining?
Stoumi!!!! Esthetique!!!! I wonder if there will be a drummer who can reach within 10 years Champion Djikapela's popularity in Africa.
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yeah for money he almost followed the academia guys,but also for a woman
from what i know after a concert,he was going in his car with his girlfriend(or should i say one of his girlfriends since most musicians have many) and that she was so beautiful that koffi say she must come with him instead,and the woman was with a friend,both ended up at koffi's house and mamale got pissed about that

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musala ya ye na vieux bokul yangwana

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you also forgot to mention when champion returned to QL in 2005 and there's also one thing I wanna know why did depitcho leave QL cause he was koffi's favourite I was surprised when he left

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you also forgot to mention when champion returned to QL in 2005 and there's also one thing I wanna know why did depitcho leave QL cause he was koffi's favourite I was surprised when he left

Depitsho left because he wasn't happy that collectif (Mamale, Champion, Nseka& Felly Tyson) suspended him instead of Koffi himself, after coming late during a concert in Switserland.