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i think that suspension was well organized even with the boss to get him out,remember the attacks towards him in a dvd
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you also forgot to mention when champion returned to QL in 2005 and there's also one thing I wanna know why did depitcho leave QL cause he was koffi's favourite I was surprised when he left

Depitsho left because he wasn't happy that collectif (Mamale, Champion, Nseka& Felly Tyson) suspended him instead of Koffi himself, after coming late during a concert in Switserland.
why would mamale, Tyson and Passe Kosse suspend him they weren't the chiefs back then they didn't even have the authority to, champion I can understand since he was the chef and koffi allowed this to happen and didn't do nothing wow

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i think that suspension was well organized even with the boss to get him out,remember the attacks towards him in a dvd

ahahaha I also remember the attacks, especially when Champion imitated his gesture and singing with Nseka was dissing Suzuki, that he hadn't enough money to buy his kids toys.

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Yeah I remember that interview the way they were dissing depitcho, suzuki and academia they were being a bit of assholes I don't get why they had to force Depitcho out and JF ifonge followed him as well lol he was barely on stage at bercy which I don't get either 

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jf arrived in europe just  few hours before bercy unlike the other guys, jf was in jail for a month
by the way if i am not mistaken the entrance choreography is his creation

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Archos have you got any more biography's or interesting stories ??

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Cool, how did Felly acquire the "Tyson" nickname, was it the signature haircut?

exactly it came from his haircut
Ok I thought maybe Felly had special fighting skills like Bana Matete
You do not beat a drum with one finger

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Felly grows in the quarters of mombele and yolo and starts learning on makeshift guitars trying to imitate his idol beniko popolipo then in zaiko langa langa,then like most musicians continues learning in street groups
he will participate in a competiton for young artists of various areas in the group representing yolo in 1989
one year later,he is spotted by tolin shitokay,close petit of koffi olomide who is on the verge of transforming his quartier latin into a permanent group rather than a group of musicians he calls when needing them and has to cope when some are unavailable
after months of hesitation,with family wanting him to go far at school aswell,felly decides to come to quartier latin for a test
he becomes one of the first members of the quartier latin international who are presented officially and plays in the group first ever album pas de faux pas in 1992
one year later,he welcomes his idol beniko in the group and from his own words becomes a much better guitarist with beniko's advice and coaching
he will then become a pivotal member of the group despite his shyness and tours all around the world with the group and becomes quartier latin's chef d'orchestre from 2000 to 2003(replaced by fally ipupa)
he will leave quartier latin in 2009 and join f-victeam group of fally ipupa 2 years later


born and raised in the area of bandalungwa,and like most of the young men born in 1980's develops his taste for music through wenge musica
while most of his friends prefer being singers,he will discover himself a certain passion for drums as when they are having fun together he plays with makeshift sticks on a piece of wood
few times later in the mid 1990's he will then get occasion to play in some of those street groups who mostly tried to be 'mini-wenge musicas"
he will then play for a short time in fraternité musica with their leader didi kalombo and then new city with the likes of blaise element,fally ipupa,flamme kapaya...
in the late 1990's,he is recruited by gode lofombo in delta force,a group of younger musicians than empire bakuba,he will remain with lofombo after pepe kalle's death untill 2001
in fact,he is approached to join quartier latin as koffi olomide wants a drummer and straight away he impresses so much that he is given majority of songs to play on koffi olomide's album effrakata and participates in zenith of the same year
towards the end of the year he welcomes one of his drumming role models titina in quartier latin,he gets less songs to play but still contributes a good amount and this until 2004 and an american tour where he decides to leave the group
back in kinshasa,he tries to join wenge bcbg but the presence of seguin mignon with who he has a very bad relationship which resulted in both being arrested by police 4 times after fights makes him change his mind,he is approached to join viva and replace the late deo but is reluctant as he "prefers to be in a group with guys of his generation" and finally joins wenge maison mere
but his maison mere experience will end up being totally opposite of quartier latin's as he has to cope with  an untouchable papy kakol,and ends up playing only on some minor ads and in concerts
in 2011,as fally ipupa is looking for a drummer to replace his drummer who disappeared in europe after zenith,cambodge decides to go and does not even need a test
 straight away he starts playing at concerts and in 2015 he releases his first ever song station service in f victeam's group album libre parcours


titina mbuinga was born in 1971 and grows in bandalungwa,he will like many musicians sing at church and at same time learns to play instruments like rythm guitar,mbonda but he will develop a very strong interest for drums,heavily inspired by drummers like belobi meridjo,ilo pablo and also richacha balengola which earns him nickname "petit richacha" at a school called athenee de la gombe
closely followed by his best friend and "benchmate"naty lokole,titina will play in the school's group alongside the likes of willy bula,mimi ciel,laudy mukaba... and he is spotted by jb mpiana who takes him into wenge musica 4X4 to be maradona's backup but titina becomes the group's number 1 as maradona moves to europe and becomes a major member of the group and next to alain makaba learns a lot in terms of arrangement and artistic direction
he  releases one song kama mvuama and remains wenge's only drummer until second half of the 1990's where he requests a reserve drumme and gets one in seguin mignon which he trains hard
when wenge split,he follows jb,makaba and blaise bula in wenge bcbg and once again shines and becomes artistic director when alain makaba leaves
in 2001,he receives a third approach from koffi olomide,and at the same time he is upset with jb about not being allowed to put some of his friend or "ngulu" clients on the huge bercy list as promised,and the fact he invites koffi olomide to his wedding despite very bad relationship between both leaders and group and jb's awareness of koffi's approach makes situation completely worse
he decides to leave after hesitating a lot,but from his own words,feels it was also time to let his understudy seguin show what he learned
he releases a solo album no comment with participation of koffi and straight away he becomes an important member of quartier latin and is the group's artistic director
he leaves the group in 2007 after group album danger de mort,as he is denied authorization to release a solo album
few times later he releases his second solo album affaire a suivre,and until today works on a third solo album and is involved in several albums of various musicians as a session artist


Born in 1978 joe kapaya grows in bandalungwa in a family of several musicians and also influence of traditional music as he is the grand son of a traditional chief
he starts following his parents and brothers at church and later becomes a singer and harmonica player,and meanwhile learns guitar at home on a makeshift guitar
when he reaches adolescence,he starts playing in street groups of his neighbourhood in bandal,he will then be in retrouva kawiriko and new city
besides congolese music he also learns a lot of jazz as through elder brothers he is able to play with proper guitars
in 1996 he joins the groups golden tchatcho of duc herode mandiangu where he plays alongisde jordan kusa,bouro mpela,serge mabiala,celeo,serge mabiala...
Then two years later,he joins wenge musica maison mere were he first rotates with japonais maladi on lead and rhythm but looks still a bit raw for the big stage
but he will need just few months to massively improve and completely reaches another dimension in 2001 with album kibuisa mpimpa and becomes the group's artistic director and arranger
from then he becomes a role model to many soloists who try to play his way
in 2007 he leaves as he feels undervalued by his boss who still did not fulfill his promise of years ago to buy him a house
he releases a mini album surprise ebebaka mabe, then participates in a project with cinema director faustin linyekula which gets him involves in musical comedies and concerts in france and several francophone countries
he releases an album banningsville in which he mixes his traditional inspiration,a bit of sebene and foreign influence

to be continued...
what year was felly tyson born..or how old is he now?

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Archos, any bio with the Academia band members, the Original Delta Force of Pepe Kalle, and Maradona!

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Very informative. Cheers Archos - Ordinateur

Tutu's album wasn't that good of an album, your his friend that's why you say it's good.

The issue I saw with that album is that Tutu's singing/voice was a shell of its former self. Even the Guantanamo on Kipe Ya Yo was much strong the version on his album. The recent Paris mini-concert however indicates he's still in good form and ready for a big comeback.
Tutu can only do well as atalaku. Singing is his second hobby.

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Eric was born in 1980 and started music at 8 as dancer in traditional groups and singing at church with his dad theo,and  later in the 90's much against his father's will despite his own passion for music,eric will start playing in street groups first as a dancer then totally by fortune will start being atalaku
in fact, one day the group's atalaku misses out and  the leader  asks him to replace the guy as he spotted some talent in him,as he often spent time playing shaker and trying to replicate djouna mumbafu's animations
and from that day,he becomes the group's main atalaku and starts being approached by other groups,he will join simba esthetique along with the likes of chai ngenge then later info musica
in 1997,when manda chante goes solo eric is one of the atalakus tested but his father blocks the move and sends him to boarding school but he is fired within a month for lack of discipline and goes back to kin to rejoin info musica as his"vieux" joss diena the leader of the group calls him back but he decides to stop class as now he is more decided than ever to become a star like his idol djouna mumbafu
in 1999 90 per cent of info musica end up joining felix wazekwa's recently born cultura pays vie and eric is the last to join as joss invites him to tests
he will then be given nickname gesac by joss(gesac was apparently the name of a long bus) alluding to his height and participate in album sponsor in 2000,and he will blossom in 2001 with animation "male mambwa" created by comedian lady esobe
gesac is quickly compared to bill clinton kalongi of wenge maison mere as both have a lot of similarities and will become a pivotal member of cultura
in 2004 as cultura is on the rise, wazekwa wants to let gesac partly live in europe(along with joss and nasdaq) to make it easier financially as the group is meant to have several europe tours,but one month later gesac decides on his own to returnas he struggles to cope with language and weather
one year later,tensions start to appear as people around wazekwa report to him how gesac is getting serious approach from koffi olomide despite maisha park peace reunions and from then he started being treated differently,to the extent that he is even left in kinshasa sometimes for concerts in other congolese cities which gesac obviously sees as an insult as he considers himself the guy who made wazekwa become a star
in beginning of 2007,he is again left in kin and goes to see koffi's staff and they make a plan,he'd pretend to join another group and shortly after move on to join another group
he goes to braza to join extra musica as a smokescreen,despite getting a great reception,but also had already started rehearsing and attending quartier latin concerts as an alleged guest in the name of maisha park's peace
as koffi and wazekwa fall out again,gesac is used to attract other musicians of cultura,with a good amound of money and a 3 years contract along with a brand new opel tigra for his birthda
he will start brightly in quartier with animation "c'est le moment" getting a great reception and will participate in koffi's solo album and in maxi single la chicotte a papa and will even join the singers lineup in a couple of concerts abroad as koffi takes a limited team,he will perform for few minutes at zenith in 2007 as he arrives later than the group but will miss out on "cindy's" zenith of 2009 which pisses him off
he starts getting used less and less and unsettled with other atalakus doing his own animation and few months after, in 2010 when he hears joss has started studio for a solo album he decides to follow him and participates in album vitrine
a couple of years after,there are little tensions between him and joss as gesac can not stand anymore joss' "excessive professionalism as joss is very strict on hour,if you arrive one minute later you do not rehearse while gesac wants to be arriving hours later as he sees himself as the second leader whereas it was clearly decided that joss was the only leader and gesac and co formerly of cultura there as simple partners


baby ndombe was born on 3rd of march in 1974 and is obviously the children of rumba legend pepe ndombe opetum and will have his first contact with music in 1981 at a viva la musica anniversary held at bar owned by his father as he shows his dancing skills
Then like most musicians he'll start in church,with choir" bilenge ya muinda"along with his elder brother didier and few years later he'll create street group vastoria esthetique with his brother and later join temple les gaulois and will learn to play almost all guitars especially bass but also learn a bit of drumming
but unfortunately for him,his dad is against him becoming a musician so he often is sent out of home and has to do some street jobs to survive and then as he finishes high school he is once again tempted to go further in music as he plans to join either quartier latin or nouvelle ecriture next to one of his role models reddy amisi
but it does not happen and he starts university in order to become a doctor then due to a long strike switches to another university to study economics and when wenge musica split his elder brother didier convinces him to go and join the camp of werrason and he suceeds at tests and he will very quickly become one of the main members of the group and participate at the group's biggest events like palais des sports or bercy but will be seen as the guy who created a rebellion of musicians in 2001 prior to werra's kibuisa mpimpa release
nevertheless,he will get one song mama mabe in the group's album a la queue leu leu and in 2004 one week before the group's UK tour he is suspended in a controversial context
 first version says he is suspended for  fighting against the bodyguard of one of his colleagues who was bullying another of his colleagues,another version says he went to see a sorcerer to become more powerful and is given the condition to sleep with his president's wife and this version is unfortunately the one which is spread the most
and despite interventions from his dad,lutumba simaro and even king kester emeneya he'll be denied a return to the group's activities and will leave
 he will be officially approached by koffi olomide and his staff to join quartier latin but will refuse and one donor of wenge bcbg will propose money so that he joins the group but he refuses which actually pleases jb who provides him some financial help to start his album,he will start programming and recording
tour de babel will be released in 2006 and baby is currently working on second album


pitshou was born in 1978 and started music aged 9 as a dancer is folkloric group bana odeon and at church three years later along with his mother
when he gets into adolescence he discovers himself another talent than singing and dancing as he will start to do animation in groups like  staff london,both la geneva and royaume lifaki along with his friend didier kalonji"bill"  and follow the footsteps of his models djouna mumbafu,doudou adoula and roberto ekokota but his dad lisimo liongemba who is a journalist on national tv is strongly against him doing music and wants him to finish his classes of mechanics
in 1998 he will participate in talent latents album along with fally ipupa,atele kunianga,pitshou luzolo,eric tutsi and co and will be introduced to the newly born wenge maison mere and impresses but leader werrason prefers to get a tenorist atalaku to complement bill instead of having another guy who looks up to djouna mumbafu
he will be taken to quartier latin towards the end of the year but he is not very interested so he does not give his best,he'd prefer to join a wenge,he is taken to zaiko langa langa but the test does not happen and will join bozi boziana's anti choc until 1999 and participate on album position eyebani
when he hears that one of his role models roberto ekokota has remained in europe and a place is up for grabs he will be tested in wenge bcbg and will impress everyone including producer monsieur simon( who tells jb he will pay himself gentamicine's ticket if needed for the zenith and olympia concerts) with animation "kolele nsiama"given to him by former choc stars and bana odeon atalaku ngabudiela
he then shares atalaku section with tutu caludji and later kilimandjaro  and becomes the number 1 atalaku when tutu decides to go back to singers lineup and be considered as a singer who can help out on animation and feels genta  is now ready  to have such responsability
during his first years in bcbg genta will struggle to get proper recognition as he is overshadowed by charismatic calUdji and the years of 2004 and 2005 will mark a massive change in his career as he shines in arguably one of the best ever ad generiques bongolowayi and will be rewarded with what was then his first house by one of bcbg's donors but he decides to offer that house straight away to his family and leave the modest conditions they previously were leaving in
and from then on,he will become one of the most if not the most productive in term of succesful animation every year and will become an important member of wenge bcbg,being given the unnoficial vice-president role which is almost like a second chef d'orchestre and will be in charge of recruiting musicians,prospecting for musicians and help them settle in the group which is a sign of the leader's trust towards him
he will be rewarded again with an house in 2009 as he shows strong determination to perform on stage at a private concert in brazzaville despite being extremely sick and barely standing on his feet
and he will become also an automatic song author in any group albums,starting from lekasopo in anti terro,exces d'amour in quel est ton probleme,ezala zala in soyons serieux and will release one song in the upcoming balle de match
in 2014 he almost left the group on donor's demand to follow his friend chai ngenge,and will introduce chai to a bar he could rent for rehearsals but will return to bcbg within just two days as he is told by his mother not to  do that mistake of leaving as he already did big things for himself and for the family while being a group member
in 2015 he reject an approach from quartier latin aswell and is once again rewarded for his loyalty and hard work
in early 2016 he is proposed to do a solo album by his leader jb mpiana but he prefers to  wait for another year at least

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Cheers Archos.

Is just me or does it seem every relatively known singer/instrumentalists born after say 1970 has been approached to join Quartier Latin at some point? ;D Is it Koffi himself making all these requests or his staff?

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 there was some guys who did not mind joining themselves like deo brando for example then koffi had a team of guys who were involved in flirting with musicians most of those guys are with fally now,tshiba,bobo kakese,eddy badiata and co then there are also some deals which involved journalists like zacle or ken "mpiana" to name a few

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So archos if gessac performed for a few minutes in zenith 2007 who else performed cause from the extracts on youtube it seems like he was the only atalaku there?

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Hi everyone, I am a  newbie from Tanzania! Great fan of Congolese/Lingala music. Naturally I speak Swahili and English but also passable French.I would like to encourage Archos to continue with his posts as they are very educative and informative. Viva Archos!