archos on: January 12, 2021, 17:39

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I have talked several times about how musicians operate with their songwriters but i have just been informed today that in kinshasa a new trend was born  which could make the contribution of groups more and more minimal and allow musicians to be as much as possible in that self centered career most are starting to have either by choice or by nature of things
 in the past,songwriters would sell you lyrics then you do what you will with it lyrics of a song can be divided into a whole album if you want thats up to you,then came the time of lyrics  plus minimal precord of rhythm then evolved into studio programming of song by some to present original version of the song,and nowadays there are guys  who just do have either the mindset to be in groups or some attributes like dancing who are providing artists with almost ready songs,which allows leaders to quickly go to europe  or their private studios and do their parts with minimal participation of their bands
but where they are getting tricked  is that sometimes musicians would use their keyboard players or group arranger/artistic director to put some modification to the backbone of the song then when you come to claim your song they say its not your song anymore,
or they will pay the pack of  songs for max max max 1K more more when the whole pack will bring them minimum 50 60k
 it started from an album in 2017  2018 but i do not want to give names  its not important anywaays
and given how some songwriters are going on tv to complain  they are forced now to sign papers agreing to silence with the silent threat of relationship with authorities pending on them and once its done they will do their modification so that even if the number of songs had gotten bigger on albums and the price of customers going through the roof it changes almost nothing for the writers
what they give is really almost ready songs with nuances chorus and so on already then you just have to repeat what they did
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BienMat23 #1 on: January 12, 2021, 20:02

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I think this is leading to issues in our music, before you can tell that musicians take songs and make it their own so you cannot even know they didn’t write it. But now it’s like people’s music has no individual identity and I think stuff like this is causing that.