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Like title i finally know the real reason why album is not out and jb says 2019,the reason is that since albums are under his name even when its group album,he had signed a contract with a producer back since soyons serieux days(and i hear he also messed up his deal with monsoh which should have lasteds longer) and  since he did it a bit like an amateur trusting whoever introduced him to that producer without going through a proper  legal assessing of contract before signed he signed and withdrew and you know our artists with that mix of arrogance and ignorance  which pops out  he thought  he could go and release like nothing happened and if you remember he was shown on videos doing  mixing  of what would be cd1 with the chefs songs and his and its when he was about to go to factory that he received  a letter warning him if he releases while they have a contract  so he took a step back and changed his talk and since he does not want to admit it in public he used  the political context as his excuse since that contract is meant to end by november december 2018
 so in the meantime he might drop unofficial release like echauffement or not drop anything at all if that silly ego thing of i can prove i still exist even without releasing for a decade strikes

Cue ndeko Emo  ;D ;D

I mean aren't managers supposed to be the one's to closely read any and all contracts if the artist themselves do not? In other professions they'd be fired for such things

JB's business and marketing skills are so poor, yeah roger ngandu id also poor at his job since he's supposed to look into these things

This news will take you to sleep even when you are in a place that is as low as -20 degrees Celsius.........JB Mpiana should stick to playing in 10 x 10 m square pubs I see on youtube. Even 70 year old Bozi Boziana is much more famous now....stinking news. Admin, flush it out...

^ Put respeck on Grand père Bozi Boziana's name who's 65.

He's been at it way longer than JB and (long term) has had a more illustrious career with all his classics. He's always had a big fanbase since he's consistent


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