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Title: The weirdest moment of Double Zenith, what did this guy want ?
Post by: Mfumu Vata on September 03, 2020, 01:00

from 55:40 min (Look like how long he's standing on stage. Bill & Kabose on a moment, going from the drum where they were hiding and standing behind him to watch )

This is Tave Katanga or somebody else? What did the want from Werra ? taking a picture with him or just showing the crowd that he was (in his opinion) better dressed than Werra ? He's btw the way the only donor/fan who went to stage during the double zenith-event (not counting the moment when they were singing Destin ya Moto and Werrason calling donors/fanclub-managers and influent fans to come one by one on stage) the same thing happened at Bercy and Palais des Sports? Did Werrason give the order to his staff to not come on stage, because of the many choreographies they had or what ?

from 6:29 min

the correcting the mistake he made at Bercy, where the crowd starting to leave when he started to call his staff, donors, influent fans on stage towards the end of the concert when finishing performing Solola Bien and Adolphe just laying on the ground.