Author Topic: This Tabu Ley album from 1971 became one of my favorite albums  (Read 228 times)

mvulusi96 on: September 10, 2019, 17:56

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Those songs were recorded after his concerts at Olympia Bruno Coquatrix.

It's a mystery for me how Tabu Ley wasn't able to start his international career or become more bigger in Europe after performing at Olympia like other foreign artists who became legends after performing there (Olympia was in that era the place to get your name known around the world). Instead of that it went on the opposite way and Tabu Ley getting then alot of problems. Or was it because of them interrupting cancelling their tour to perform for Mobutu for the 1971 new year eve ? Which could have caused a problem/boycot from white musicpromoters ? Because Abeti Maskini had a similar situation in 1974 after performing at the Carnegie Hall in New York while he was on her way to become the new Myriam Makeba.

His drummer Seskain Molenga was about to reveal why Tabu Ley didn't become bigger on the international stage in his interview with Marcel Landu but he decided to go further into it.
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