Author Topic: Fally fans are really stupid to compare their SDM with that of the pope  (Read 336 times)

Mfumu Vata on: February 08, 2023, 22:02

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The pope came last week to DR Congo and gave a meeting at Stade des Martyrs. However, Fally-fanatics found it necessary to compare the attendence of the pope to that of their leader. Some even claiming that it was mpiaka. Those comments and comparisation on social media made me angry.

 But on the other side, it made wonder if the criterion of plein at Stade des Martyrs changed from Fally's show. Like the way, it changed in 2000 from Werra's plein of "coin ti coin". Because the moment  Wenge 4x4 did their last show people called it plein, but after Fally's some consider it as a mpiaka when starting to compare it to that of Fally. The same for  Werra's shows of 2000 & 2001 who are seen as mpiaka by Fally-fanatics.

You had the same thing back in 1997. King Kester Emeneya just did 50% the stands, however it was seen as a big succes and all shows that followed Werrason in 1999, JB Mpiana in 1999 and 2000 were seen as a succes although just doing 60% and 70% of the stands (not counting Pepe Kalle's tribute concert). Everything changed the moment Werrason did his plein of "coin ti coin" in 2000. Because of the respect people had for elders at that time nobody was comparing it to Emeneya's show of 1997. But those who failed achieve 80.000 people after Werra's show in 2000, saw their event being considered as mpiaka.
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archos #1 on: February 08, 2023, 22:35

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in all honesty those two concerts are not comparable,dicap's concert did not face even half of the countercampaign the wenge one had,if not for the president himself stepping in maybe the concert would have even been cancelled due to the pressure from those who were against wenge performing on independence day plus those against wenge performing at stadium while there was war in east,plus all the rest
dont get me wrong fally's concert also faced a bit of rivalry talk and all that but nothing anywhere near the wenge one which was maybe like 30 per cent of what our artists face when trying to perform in europe halls from combattants( people might not have seen it as visible as when boketshu esso and co make videos,but its not for nothing that their was some nervosity from jb and werra especially and big relief after having performing at least with the full stands configuration)
and he had the advantage of having the pitch protection
i have noticed one thing with martyrs concert,its always the second or third of when a series start that have better or easier organisation because they have one of whatever artist ahead to learn from
 the wenge concert it took about 10 hours of police control,the fally organization made sure to make the control way less long and tight,and heritier aswell surely without the rain the concert would have started earlier
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