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Title: Underrated Group
Post by: Wenge1995 on November 21, 2020, 07:33

It's a shame Delta Force couldn't take off like other groups. Maybe the singers didn't have "the look" like QL or vocal identity like Wenge Musica, but I noticed other groups stole cries from this album lol y'all heard the dedication to Koffi in the second song, everyone respected Gode Lofombo
Title: Re: Underrated Group
Post by: Mfumu Vata on November 21, 2020, 08:45
How do you want people respect you, if you don't achieve anything and don't have any financial support. It had nothing to do with the look of the musicians, because if it was about the looks then Koffi wouldn't have recruited Ile de Cambogde & John Scot, Nyoka Longo don't recruiting Prince Bella and Strelly Mikobi, Werrason not recruiting Goldberg and Teka Diobanza, Fally Ipupa not recruiting Wallo Bass. Delta Force had succes it its first two years after Pepe Kalle death. Djuna's departure weakened them a little bit, but they were still going strong. The thing that killed Delta Force was the way Gode Lofombo spent two years in Europe after releasing the album Confirmation, which made many musicians leave the band for Quartier Latin, Zaiko Langa Langa, Wenge Maison Mere, etc. The rest that stayed saw their chiefs Laurent Mosengo Kadogo and the other one (I forgot his name)  going away with the money  that Gode Lofombo was sending for them, which created for departures. Then towards the end of 2002, Gode Lofombo tried to reform his band and recruited new musicians, started to perform in Kinshasa and tour like annually in Matadi, Boma and Muanda (mostly because his from the Kongo-Central province and knowing donors from there, like the way Djuna often goes to Mbanza-Kongo and Uige since that he has some Angolan origins and his cousin working for a time for MPLA in Uige). But Lofombo had still difficulties, because the Congolese people don't respect instrumentalists as bandleaders, so it wasn't easy to make it and he had to fund the recordings of his new album all by himself, becoming almost broke. Then bandleaders also started to steal/recruit his musicians (most ended in the 2nd team), so he had to start over and over again. In 2006 managed finally to finish his album Tranisition with help from a friend/donor based in Danemark, but that album got never released officialy in Kinshasa and in Europe it was not promoted well and the CD also really difficult to find. The generique Honorina Mwana promoted on TV-channels of Kinshasa and had some little succes, but it stayed there. After it Gode Lofombo started mostly to focus on session work, working with alot of gospel artists and 5eme generation musicians who were recording their albums in Kinshasa (Ferre Gola, Celeo Scram, Bill Clinton, Kabose, etc.) and also Werrason having some lines in Temps Present. Somewhere in 2009 or 2010, Lofombo decided to disband Delta Force saying clearly that he hadn't enough financial support (I remember Lofombo once saying that he was so broke that he had to take money from his late wife Shalamaman RIP to get interviewed). Around 2013 he created a new band Empire Acoustic and had some concerts in Muanda and Boma and public rehearshals. In 2019, he reformed his band again and said that he doesnt want musicians anymore above the 35, saying that will only focus about food (lol) and their wives and children and that he will never hold public rehearshals anymore, because they are like concerts.
Title: Re: Underrated Group
Post by: Cavalier Solitaire on November 21, 2020, 10:36
Was Papy Kalombo the star of the group among the singers?
Title: Re: Underrated Group
Post by: Mfumu Vata on November 21, 2020, 16:32
Nobody knew Papy Kalombo. In 2005/06 Delta Force was already dead a the hype about them was, if they were talking about Delta Force, people were only seeing Lofombo.
Title: Re: Underrated Group
Post by: Musiquezairoise on November 21, 2020, 20:00
Papy Kalombo was also in Madilu's group right?
Title: Re: Underrated Group
Post by: Mfumu Vata on November 21, 2020, 20:01