Author Topic: Was BCBG's show in Abidjan the first where JB started to get is own entrace ?  (Read 2551 times)

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To say the truth it's because of Koffi that Babia went to settle in Angola. Because he had to be arrested the way he was insisting to do a Babia chante Koffi-concert. It started all when he left. He left because he was angry the why Cindy killed Quartier Latin was privileged with everything and him and the others guys only doing the chorus in concerts. While in his opinion she hadn't that right because she wasn't one guys who contributed alot to make Quartier Latin the band who it was. Started to tall Quartier Latin, Quartier Cindy and he made then many interviews. He started than a own band with internet-journalist Mathy Kasongo being one of the singers, working on his solo album and making many intervies about the his career, the he made mistakes in the past, how Cindy killed Quartier Latin in his opinion, etc.. He anncounced then that he would correct Cindy chante Koffi by doing Babia chante Koffi. With Koffi being furious and calling many journalists to say that he had to stop to do that otherwise he would arrest him. Kisindjora who is her cousin was supporting him. Then Koffi made one interview saying that he is finished, that only Fally and Ferre have the right to do a chante Koffi and not Babia because he finished and also saying that he could sing other artists. But Babia refusing. Then he made an interview along with Eric Tutsi and Sam Tshintu singing their hits and Sam convincing him to abdon that project. But after that he was still continuing with it.Then he was invited by Boneaventure Engobo in Oyo (Congo Brazzaville) to do a Babia chante Koffi and Babia got there alot of money, but refused share it with Kisindjora. Which made her furious and her saying that he would not see him until he will die (not knowing that it was one of his last years). He was continuing to do those many internet interviews until that there was a arrest warrant against him, because that Koffi sued him about wanting to do a Babia chante Koffi and plagiat of his generique Jeune Pato from Abacadabra. So Babia went to Angola to escape and his wife and their little children followed him then later. He meeted their his old friends, Zobozi and many donors. He continued with recording his album there, doing many interviews where he attacked Cindy and giving many Babia chante Koffi-concerts. In meantime he was working on a trip to Paris for the mixing of his album. In his last days he had a problem with his friend/cousin Celezino. Just because he said that he had to stop insulting people in internet, which didn't please him with him recording more than 10 interviews to insult Babia. People were happy about Babia the way things were better with him. But in he was suffering alot in his private life. This was because he wife Alima Djamal was cheating on him many times. He coughts his wife many times with other man. The most rude moment was when he was performing and people rushing to him and saying that they saw his wife doing it in a car with someone else with him following the people and seeing his wife there. But he was always still staying with her. Then on his last day, it was the last or 2 days before he had to go to Paris. He went to the house of his wife or ex'wife (they were apprently not living together anymore) and he saw there a man with a fight starting with Alima not knowing what to do. Then we don't know what happened after that only she knows how it ended. But the most people say that the man beated him so hard or that he beated him with a object which made him lose his consciousness with then the ambulance coming, but he died then in the hospital. With them his wife saying that he died of stroke. Not long after that she leftfrom Luanda and went to Lubumbashi. Because people in Angola wanted to beat and kill her. Koffi saw that he was wrong all the times and decided to do evertyhing for his "pire petit" and paid the funerals and helped by paying the hospital and bringing his body from Luanda to Kinshasa. Babia's album was finished for 90% and Koffi wanted to release it with his then new label Koffi Central. But then his uncles in Kinshasa refused and said that it had to be released by a big label or producer, which made the album getting not released until this day.

here you got some videos about this all. It amaze me how alot of video's are deleted from youtube. There was a video on Congomikili's deleted youtube-channel were Babia gaved some extraits of his album Vrai Moment and calling himself Papoite (which meant the boss in Portugese).

Zobozi's first interview.
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It sounds like a fight that tragically got out of hand, because after that altercation it seemes like Babia died from a head injury (internal bleeding maybe). That's so sad! He should of divorced his wife after all those incidences of infidelity, why did he continue to remain married to her?

His death is very similar to Cellulaire of BCBG; the problem with their wives and professional career proved much to their downfall.

They should of released his album under Koffi, it would have been a proper send off. After all, that's all he really wanted in the end; to be apart of Quartier Latin.