archos on: September 24, 2022, 01:21

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He said he has no hate whatsoever for his big bro,and will never come on tv to attack him hard but he had to show that he was not liking the way dicap behave towards him based on jesters who cut part of videos which does not necessarily show the whole context to send to him to show that allegedly he was talking bad about him,the way dicap called him for half an hour explaining him how powerful he was,how he has expensive cars, how he is bigger then jb and werra even if he respects them,how he has gangsters with him and so on so since his jesters who have been creating that mess created it through video he wanted to give them something new to report
he keeps insisting that he has a lot of respect for his elder brother and remembers a lot of good moments but he just does not agree with the methods and as a grown man he had to claim his respect aswell,he knows people will insult him just based on how little he is career wise compared to his big brother but in life its not everybody who accepts disrespect just because the person is powerful,you can see sometimes people who refuse to commit to certain thing in return of money or accept some disrespect just because he is in a position of needing help
and will accept to just barely eat to survive to protect their dignity and he is of that type
 he is asked whether he is going to attend martyrs to sing droit chemin he says no and he does not want it,but always keep insisting that he does not have any personal big problem with his big bro but he just had to be honest that relationship has changed of late maybe it will be like that forever maybe it will improve back but for sure he has no hate,he knows he had already been insulted by people sent after his video,but he ignored but if it continues he might react again