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I'll makeit short,as often,whether he talks good or bad about koffi,it always leads to controversy
koffi recently attacked openly politicians and even named some for building out of nowhere lots of houses for themselves and so on
and wazekwa in a purely diplomatic sense(although interpreted by people on polemic angle) said that koffi should not have said that,because it could cause trouble to their corporation,as they need authorization to leave the country unlike other congolese citizens,they need political involvement to sort piracy and copyright issues one day,they need them to hopefully sort the european concerts issues so for him maybe it was not a good idea to make such strong statement,and he insists that he would have said something similar if it were another artist not because it is koffi(i remember he went hard on jb who is surely after papa wemba the artist he is closest to when jb boycotted francophony event because he heard some guys of the high autorities of drc threaten to punish musicians somehow if the biggest  stars of DRC especially of a certain category of age are not all there )
and he says he is very grateful to exiting prime minister for how he took big part of responsability in funerals of two people who are dear to him,papa lutumba and the former director of the arts academy he was in before going to europe, papa liyolo
and he added that sometimes with politicians and famous people in general,people imagine houses which are not even theirs even the former first lady was victim of that so maybe koffi should have been a bit cautious in the way he exposed the situation
 he hinted that he rejected ministry of art and culture because he does not see himself into politics and loves his music too much to have to sacrifice it
 naty asked if he feels he always has to have a opposite thinking to koffi,and he says no he has never hidden how highly he respects koffi as an artist and says that he is genius but like many geniuses he has some strange behavior in him
and naty told him he is technically in the best position to unite congolese musicians since he is good with everybody(jb,werra,fally,ferre,heritier,ya jossart and so on) and he should make an effort to forget what happened with koffi in the past because it will do great for our music if they can be united and he says he accepts that idea and will think about it
and it annoys him that their only positive story in over a decade  is that they called each other for their dad's death,he'd have prefered for example seeing koffi talking well about his book,like he has always highlighted even for a second in his interviews that koffi is a top top artist

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in fact in this interview Wazekwa was not even going to talk about Koffi..its only that Naty Lokole pushed him some point Naty told Wazekwa what Koffi has been saying about Wazekwa(Naty interviewed Koffi a week or two earlier before coming to interview Wazekwa)..Koffi had claimed that Wazekwa did not include Koffi on the list of artist that were supposed to performe on a certain ceremony..something  to do with Etienne Tchisekedi..he said Koffi claimed that Wazekwa only included his friends Werrason and JB Mpianna and snubbed himself Mokolo Bilanga Liyanzi...and that Wazekwa got a lot of money for the same ceremony and only shared with De la foret and Tatu Mukulu....I think me am very tired with these guys beef and some point you get to think they all have not been to school...including their foolish journalists like Natty Lokole...i mean sometimes when you know that two people don't get along and they never respect each don't ask them questions about each you will see not long from now Natty Lokole will interview Koffi just get his response about what Wazekwa said...knowing very well that the response will terrible....PAMBA!!!!