Author Topic: WENGE BCBG... NEW SLAVES???  (Read 266 times)

Manzambi94 on: October 15, 2017, 21:09

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I really don't understand why BCBG's group is not rebelling against the evil Administration.
How can Gemta, Fi-Carrè, Zulema and the other big guys in BCBG accept everyday the furious administration and treatment they get?
Especially Genta and Fi-Carrè since they are very close to JB, Genta like a Son and Fi-Carrè like an older brother?
Maybe some of you who have lived in Congo and have been or have lived the atmosphere of the bands can help me understanding, because being a European guy I really can't understand how guys so much talented and old can accept the ways of this guys. Because they do that (JDL and co.) because they know how weak they are without their role.