Author Topic: WERRA AND FERRE CREATED WMMM  (Read 245 times)

Nkosi on: March 09, 2020, 15:49

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Let me just add my voice to the interesting debate. The idea of WMMM started with Werrason and Ferre way before WMMM was actually formed. It was conceptualized by Werrason and Ferre with some private identification and recruitments made. However at the stage of actualisation it was sold to Dominguez and Masela. So the actual formation of the band was done by Werrason, Masela and Dominguez and it was Dominguez who was very active in its formation as Werra had a habit of pushing others to do the dirty work. The leadership was to be rotation just like the Wenge 4x4 model.

Masela and Dominguez came to realise latter that they were just used and the new boys recruited were used to frustrate and push them out. Ferre latter on came to be the Chief of the group. He literally carried WMMM vocals from day one and did pretty much of the good singing. So when Werrason said this, he meant it and did not mince his words a bit. The worst polemique we have seen in WMMM has been between those people Werrason loved and trusted the most...Ferre, Bill and Herritier.

Things seem much better between Werrason and Ferre at this point than ever before. If this is harnessed we might witness something interesting.

Word has it that the big boys are shaken by Fally's Bercy and we should expect a lot of Ferre recognition from the Wenge boys.....praise and appreciation to launch an interesting brand of competition. Ferre is the same generation as Fally and stands a better chance to dilute his rising popularity.....anyway let's just watch and enjoy!

ZamundaPrince #1 on: March 11, 2020, 14:02

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I honestly don't believe that any of the so called big boys are worried by Fally's Bercy to the extent of wanting to push a Ferre agenda. Werra was just telling his story as it was/happened. On the contrary they are probably happy that it happened because that's the money floodgates opened for them again.