Author Topic: What made Lutchiana didn't put this song on the Chinia-album ?  (Read 183 times)

anastasio571 on: December 07, 2019, 20:30

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Without Papy Cocaïne, Doudou Adoula and Nono.

What made him not put the song on this album? Because it was recorded at the same time along with Dindo Yogo and Malage. But on this album you can see that he putted Willy Bula's song Revelation (aka Mbombo'a mbwa) and Benz Petrole's song (Autopsie) on this album.

I see that Benz Petrole also removed Autopsie from the secound stock of Vaccin (because one CD have only 80 minutes), the same for Nyoka Longo because of Willy's departure.