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What caused for Emeneya's exil to Europe ? Was that because of musical ambitions or Political problems.
End '87 King Kester Emeneya released a LP called Nzinzi. It was very criticized negativily in the beginning, because of using many keyboard-sounds in the song. But became later a big hit in Zaire and Africa as well. Nzinzi was voted as best song and Emeneya for the last time in his carreer as Best Star. After that his succes decreased and didn't release any LP for 2 years. Was that because of the song Nzinzi ? Because it's like he was singing about someone from the Mobutu-regime, in that time many officers, ministers,etc. who worked for Mobutu regimes were often stealing married wifes. But Despite of that he had still the biggest fanbase in Zaire, like Wemba from 77-82 and Werrason now.



Begin '91, after the release of Mokosa, Emeneya moved to France with Victoira Eleison. Trying to made an International solo-carreer like Papa Wemba, but then more in the direction of Disco-sound. Other peoples says that it was because he had problems with Mobutu's regime, is that true ? It don't think so, because in the album Pas de Contact and Succes Fou he cited Kongolo "Saddam Hussein" Mobutu in some of his songs.

In 1993 he released the Disco-album Everybody, but it was not a big International Hit.
In 1995 he released with his band Victoria Eleison, the album Pas de Contact. Which was his biggest succes when he was in exil, the next year he released a remix album, called Live In Paris(inclu. songs of Everybody, Nzinzi and Mokosa).

In 1997 he released Succes Fou, which was called a flop by many peoples. He returned at the end of that year that in DRC, after being almost 7 years abscent. Because of that he performed at Stade des Martyrs, in front of 60.000 peoples (he was the first artist ever to perform there) and at Palais du Peuple with Marie Paul as invited star.

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king himself says he went in europe because he felt he had proven everything in congo so he wanted to become international star aswell,plus his family lives in france
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