Author Topic: WHAT IS THE SECRET OF ZAIKO?  (Read 313 times)

Manzambi94 on: July 31, 2020, 20:05

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Zaiko Langa Langa is a very old group (founded in 1969) which has members who stay and rarely.go away why that? Is not uncommon to see.many musicians leave a group even though the conditions are optimal (BCBG for example, Cultur'a Pays Vie, Ferre's group etc.) but in Zaiko it seems that all the people there are there to stay, thinking about the three atalakus (Nono and the other two guys the one with that weird haircut amd the other one with braids who bleaches and dances well)  and all the instrumentalists plus the dancers it seems that they are happy and sometimes some of.the members in the videos search for Ya Jossart approval with the glance.

Another question I wanna ask is if it is true that Ya Jossart is heavy on spiritual stuff and that you can't get paid unless you go deep in the game with him (similar with what Roga had with Levyson until that Horizon thing came up) or if this is not true. Because I heard a story of a musician of an old group asking for the pay and the leader told.him that he must enter the game to get paid, I can't remember if this was Franco or the same Ya Jossart, beside that Zaiko and Koffi are really two legends and shows you that if you have a strong fanbase and good music you can be relevant forever, Zaiko had multiple songs with a milion views so being that they are from a total different era where social media wasn't a thing is really cool to see them

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Mfumu Vata #1 on: July 31, 2020, 23:02

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Nono Monzuluku isn't in Zaiko anymore since 2003, after that incident that made go Nyoka Long to jail.

I think you talk about Doudou Adoula who's there since 1988, when Zaiko split into two groups (Zaiko Familia Dei & Zaiko Nkolo Mboka).

From 1969 to 2003, Zaiko used to be a band of competition like Quartier Latin, Choc Stars, Empire Bakuba, etc.  many musicians left and many musicians came in. Only admins like Meridjo, Oncle Bapius stayed until 1999 when Nyoka Longo forced them out, because of not leave the position of president, after being exposed of stealing money. The thing with Zaiko is that they doesn't have the prove anything to people and just took Bana Ok's position of being a band that plays for joy and to make people of their generation happy and not to fight for the n1 place.

lol, you are really obsessed with nkisi, you want to become a witchdoctor ?hahahaha. It's already known that 80% of all bandleaders signed a pact with the devil. I guess that you heard that story through you parents or uncle. Maybe you didn't undertstand well, the problem was that their founder DV Muanda died and that he decided to inherit the "mpungu of Zaiko" that he left, while others (Bimi Ombale, Mbuta Matima, Zamuangana, etc.) just were interested in getting the stuff of his house (that is according people close to them and the street, not know if it's true, because I wasn't there when it happened). Then years later when Zaiko became like a rival of the legendary band Kassav, having performed in Japan and the west-indies, Zaiko-members were complaining about the way their were paid, while Nyoka Longo and the admins (Zamuangana, Mbuta Matima, Oncle Bapius and Meridjo) were buying cars and having alot of money, being already dissapointed about the way Nyoka Longo refused PDG Ngossana proposition of building a Zaiko-quarter in Kinshasa. Nyoka Longo then apparently replied to them that they have to work with him in the spiritual field if they wanted to have the same salary. According to many people that was the reason that lead to the split of Zaiko Langa Langa, but it was never confirmed by Lengi Lenga, Bimi Ombale or Ilo Pablo who were the founders of Zaiko Familia Dei.