Author Topic: What is the story behind Maiwan Stars ?  (Read 233 times)

Mfumu Vata on: August 20, 2023, 20:22

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What is the story behind Maiwan Stars ? From which area of Kinshasa are they ? they had the chance to go abroad somewhere in Africa or even going to Europe for example Kawiriko Retrouve ? and isn't it named to Charly Maiwan who's a concertpromoter based in Canada or France (I'm not sure).

archos #1 on: August 20, 2023, 22:58

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the group was from bandal and indeed by charly maiwan,it had guys like pitshou mina(who did maison mere,bcbg,wenge kumbela) to name a few and they performed in africa gabon cameroon ivory coast and also in the west indies