Author Topic: WHICH IS THE BEST KIRIKOU?  (Read 467 times)

Manzambi94 on: December 04, 2017, 19:42

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I have heard Kirikou in three big groups until now.
Ferre's group, Wenge Musica MM and Quartier Latin, which is your favourite period of Kirikou?
I have to say that in Wenge he was very "shy" he was in a contest with Bercy Mwana who everyone especially Zambaniers were considering the best replacement of Bill (not me) especially after that bizarre Lobeso/Bercy affrontement where Lobeso got literally humiliated, Prince who had a little bit more recognition as Werra wanted to reward him for his loyalty (Prince did Primus AD with Kirikou etc. for free while usually he was one of the few Wenge MM to be payed) and Ambulance who were growing, and then got basically left behind in Ingeta for Diego, becoming a replacement.
In Ferre's group he had a very good role but I can understand his will to go away since Marchouse confirmed that Kirikou got left behind in QQJD for spiritual reasons, the fun fact is that his crie "Kotele" were used by Ambulance in the Ingeta experience in the second generiqur Stabilisation, who only had a short video online, maybe the fact is that Werra had really bad advisers on Ingeta since he release the album for 1$, worsened the quality of Internet video and left Bercy with too much space, and didn't keep the promise to put Bill in Ingeta.
The Nyataquance generique.
A lot of Congolese people and most of the guys in the forum don't like at all Nyataquance for few reasons, the main one is Kirikou as the solo Atalaku, the second one is the seben too much "soft" for Congolese standard, but east Africans and especially Swahili speakers love the song, me too, since I think that Kirikou's ability to write is at the top on that song especially the part "Le dollar Iyana, Le Franc Congolais Iyana" where have you heard a crue talking about FCFA?
That is genial, so to me Koffi's Kirikou is the best one, he found stability and time to work like he wanted.
I hope that Koffi doesn't treat him the way he treats musicians coming from other bands when he is tired.

Jdog #1 on: December 04, 2017, 20:45

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Haha "the best Kirikou" "zambaniers", Kirkou has good animations but his voice in studio is bad that's why Ferre and Werra had other animators do his work. But I would say it seems he has found a place in QL hopefully his studio and concert voice will get better one day.

archos #2 on: December 04, 2017, 21:00

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for me the best he did so far with that particular voice of his is the primus generique with maison mere