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Title: Dadju will perform at Parc des Princes
Post by: Mfumu Vata on February 13, 2020, 01:07
While Congolese artists and pastors like Blaise Manzambi of Casarhema are dreaming about U-Arena also known Paris La Defense Arena, Dadju will perform at the Parc des Princes-stadium this summer on June the 7th. The stadium has the capacity of 47.428 seats, but during concerts it goes up to 50.000. Artists didn't perform for a long time in Parc des Princes (since 2010), after that soccer-team Paris Saint Germain was bought by the Qataries,  they didn’t like concerts in their stadium because concerts would mess the field up. But now they got a solution for it.

I guess that the VHS serie Destination Parc des Princes (Volume 1 & 2) inspired him when he was a kid. Recently Dadju made an interview and said that his role models were Koffi Olomide and Werrason. I wonder if he will fill the stadium, because recently he performed at Bercy which he filled, but it was in a 12.000 seats configuration. Maybe that he will release an album or single before the event.