Author Topic: Who is the best soloist of Clan Wenge? Judge these solists  (Read 426 times)

World Music Afrique on: June 08, 2023, 21:08

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Alain Makaba

Do you consider Makaba the best due to him creating a new style with his Steinberger guitar? His artistic director role bringing the best of JB Mpiana?

Mboka Liya

Is Mboka Liya the GOAT for playing on some of the greatest Wenge songs/sebenes-post 1997? Considered as a variant of Roxy Tshimpaka, Mboka Liya is top 10

Why did Mboka Liya play better in Defao's Big Stars than on Clan Wenge? Listen to Tremblement de Terre, Famille Kikuta Remix, Madova, Sala Noki remix, etc

Maitre Ficarre

Why isn't Ficarre much known having played on "Kala Ya Boeing", most songs on Pentagone, TH and Internet?

Alain Mwanga

Not forgetting, he created the partitions for Mulolo

Flamme Kapaya

Do you consider Kapaya the best of his generation with his bweta bweta style. Him influencing major of soloists in Kin. Werrason not getting over Kapaya's departure?

Patou Solo

What about Patou Solo's run in BCBG?

Japonais Maladi Kyoto

Do you consider Japonais before he changed his style after Operation Dragon the top 10. Him creating "Ndombolo" and defining the style of Maison Mere. Japonais playing a majority of Awilo's hits (Gate Le Coin, Karolina)?

The late Pathy Moleso

Pitchou Santiago. Pitchou says he's the original creator of Ndombolo.

Mfumu Vata #1 on: June 09, 2023, 09:44

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philipkafuto #2 on: June 10, 2023, 02:05

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As a guitarist I prefer Flamme because I think he just of a different planet creativity wise but given the foundation Alain Makaba layed down for everyone I have them tied for 1. Japonais and Mboka Liya right under the two.