Author Topic: Why did Werrason fell out with his original donors/fans of London quickly ?  (Read 432 times)

Mfumu Vata on: November 13, 2022, 21:54

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In 1998 Werrason received massive support from his donors in London guys like Tonton Jacques, Fredy Movadi, Debola de Bundes, etc. After the release of Force d'Intervention Rapide he came for some concerts in London before going to Canada and the Schengen area. In London he and bandmembers received a huge amount of money, gifts, cars and expensive clothes. Donors like Robert Basende, Cresois Nsengo and Kofi Ayina receving songs in Solola Bien! But from 2002/03 it was like there was a shift. The first generation of the donors from London not getting big shout-outs in concerts like it used to, the shouts outs in albums not being on the same level like it was in Intervention Rapide & Solola Bien and the guys not getting honorable mentions on album covers. Guys like Robert Basende and Kofi Ayina then starting to support bands like BCBG, Quartier Latin and upcoming artists openly. New guys like Patrick Ekofo, Gaulthier Mascotte, Sita Musampayi coming in the place.

Why was that ? Where the new guys giving extra money, did Werrason do something bad to them in private, did some go in prison, where those "ba coops" not going well anymore with them? and what happened to Tonton Jacques before he died, because it seems that he really went down ?

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