Author Topic: Was Aimé Buanga singing about Wenge El Paris or Wenge 4x4 ?  (Read 408 times)

Mfumu Vata on: November 13, 2022, 22:23

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They sing about their rival and the famous trip to Leo (Kinshasa) where himself Aime Buanga, Ricoco, Diva la Marquise, Cesar Loboko and JF Ifonge didn't show up.

But it isn't clear to me if the song was made against Wenge El Paris of Marie Paul or Wenge Musica 4x4. Because I remember watching a video of Wenge Aile Paris Koumbela where Ricoco was singing lead on this song during a concert in Paris before joining the camp of Marie Paul. Also 8/9 years ago Ado Yuhe made an interview with Aime Buanga and him explaining that the original plan was to record a group album after Ricoco's solo album Molangi ya Malasi, where he and Zing Zong had to have 2 songs and Marie Paul & Ricoco both 1. But the split very quicky before starting that project and Marie Paul recording his solo album Nganga Nzambe with help from Zing Zong. This made me wonder if the song Mobembo was meant for that album or if it was written later when Marie Paul, Jus d'Ete Mulopwe, Rento Vena and Zing Zong left to form Wenge El Paris. Because at some point they sing that people were mocking them for being finished in Paris, which was exactly the case with the camp of Aime Buanga since most people came for Ricoco and Ricoco having massive support from people of Matonge (Mere Malou and co), 20 Mai quarter plus people of Matadi, them all leaving when Ricoco decided to join Marie Paul. But Ricoco on the end not going to Kinshasa and having difficulties because of Jus d'Ete Mulopwe and co not wanting Ricoco anymore to be the main star of the band when coming from Kinshasa.