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Title: Wikipedia Biography - Richacha
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Richard Balengola Abongy Yende, best known as Richacha "Chacha" Balengola, is a Reggae, Soukous and World Music drummer from Congo (DRC), now based in Reims France (since 1987).


Born in December 22, 1964 in Léopoldville, he started his career as a drummer with a World Music Band called Ndoki Machine. A Bass player called John Pepito (Papa Wemba’s friend) was part of the band after coming back to Congo (DRC) from Paris, France where he stayed to study. Ndoki Machine's style of music and John Pepito's style of playing Bass had nothing to do with Soukous and Rumba. Their style of music was similar to music played by a band from DRC Congo called "Bobongo Stars". Shakara Mutela, a well known Bass Player from DRC Congo was among the Bobongo Stars Leaders.

In 1980 Richacha joined "Les Frères Fataki" in a band called Touche pas as a Drummer. A well known singer from this band is Jose Fataki Ndoko; who later became part of Viva La Musica and La Nouvelle Génération. In 1982 most of the Viva La Musica Members broke away from Papa Wemba to create Victoria Eleison. The Singers who left the band were: "King Kester Emeneya, Pepe Bipoli, Joly Mubiala, Debaba and Petit Prince". The Guitarists: "Huit Kilos Nseka Bimwela, Tofla Kitoko and Bass player Tembaki Lutete Pinos". Patcho Star the Drummer was also part of those who quit with Viva La Musica to form Victoria Eleison Band. John Pepito who later became Papa Wemba's Bass player after Victoria Eleison had been created, was asked by Papa Wemba if he could bring along with him Ndoki Machine's Drummer to join his Band. Papa Wemba needed something new in Viva La Musica's style of music; that Drummer was Richacha. He became known as a professional Drummer in 1980, at the age of 16 when he joined Touche pas.

Despite the fact of having Congolese origins, Richacha had not had a chance of playing with a Soukous and Rumba band permanently until he joined Touche Pas.
Richacha's last recording session with Viva La Musica was in 1996. He has performed with several major World Music, Reggae Singers and Bands including The Hooligans, Pierpoljak, Tonton David, Princess Erika, Nèg' Marrons, Ijahman Levi, Bisso Na Bisso, Secteur Ä, The Wailers, Alpha Blondy, Barrington Levy, R.M.I (Reggae Music International), etc.
Richacha's mentor was Mando (a former Rochereau Tabu Ley and Afrisa Drummer) and was later most inspired by Carlton Barrett (Bob Marley’s Drummer). That’s why some songs recorded with Viva La Musica in the late 80s and beginning of 90s have that Reggae Root Snare sound. Richacha did not record a song in Afrisa with Rochereau Tabu Ley but he performed as a Drummer during some live concerts in 1979; he was on Drums the day Mbilia Bel was doing her first appearance in Afrisa. Richacha is among Viva la Musica’s Musicians appearing in the movie "La Vie est Belle" in which the main actor was Papa Wemba. He was acting as a shoe shiner, also as a guitarist during Papa Wemba rehearsal. The movie was released in 1987.

With over 30 years as a professional Drummer, Richacha remains in demand as a session Musician in Europe. Creativity, versatility and speed are three of his most important skills and gifts. Along with Junior MacLier (former Jimmy Cliff Bass player) they created a backing band called Reggae Music International (R.M.I); also based in Paris. They have backed various Reggae artists.

As an experienced instructor and performer, Richacha provides private drum lessons to beginners and shows some drum techniques to experienced Drummers.

Credits as a Drummer (Some recording sessions):

1.   Princess Erika - Sur la route du reggae (2014)
2.   Hosny and Good Morning Babylones - Every people (2014)
3.   Kasö - Cool (2014)
4.   Jean-Michel Rotin - (2013 recording session)
5.   Ras Daniel & Tu Shung Peng - Ray of Light (2012)
6.   Lusdy - (2012 recording session)
7.   Takana Zion - Rappel à l'Ordre (2009)
8.   Bisso Na Bisso - Africa (2009)
9.   Kayans Reggae - Revelation Time(2009)
10.   Touré Kunda - Santhiaba(2008)
11.   Alpha Blondy - Jah Victory (2007)
12.   Hosny and Good Morning Babylones - Rasta Rebel (2007)
13.   Karl Zero and the Wailers - Hi-Fi Calypso (2003)
14.   Hosny and Good Morning Babylones - Unité universelle (2002)
15.   Jacky & Ben. de Nèg' Marrons - Le Bilan (2000)
16.   Bisso na Bisso - 15 mai 1999 (1999 [live CD])
17.   Bisso na Bisso - Racines (1999)
18.   Djamatik - Roots Connections (1999)
19.   The Wailers - live in Jamaica (1999 [live CD])
20.   Metal Sound - DJ au top (1998)
21.   Secteur A - Secteur A à l'Olympia (1998 [live CD])
22.   Hosny - Radical fighters (1997)
23.   Pacha and Viva La Musica - Voyage ya poto (1996)
24.   Gloria Tukadio and Viva La Musica - History no change (1996)
25.   Jose Fataki and la Nouvelle Génération (1996)
26.   Stino Mubi and Viva La Musica - Romeo et Juliette (1993)
27.   Reddy Amisi and Viva La Musica - L’injustice (1993)
28.   Espérant Kisangani and Viva La Musica - Paris Match (1993)
29.   Lidjo Kwempa and Viva La Musica - Examen (1991)
30.   Modogo GFF and Viva La Musica - Statue de la liberté (1991)
31.   Papa Wemba and Viva La Musica - Biloko ya moto (Addida Kiesse) (1990)
32.   Comme à l’école with Bipoli, Spraya, Luciana and Lidjo Kwempa (1989)
33.   Orchestre Rumba Ray (1986)
34.   Lidjo Kwempa/ and Viva La Musica - Lipanda (1986)
35.   Papa Wemba and Viva La Musica - Beau gosse ya Paris (1986)
36.   Papa Wemba and Viva La Musica - Ma Bijoux (1985)
37.   Papa Wemba and Viva La Musica - Rendre à César (1985)
38.   Maray-Maray and Rumba Ray - Musulman (1984)
39.   Papa Wemba and Viva La Musica - Eliana (1984)
40.   Maray-Maray and Viva La Musica - Nana Efiye (1984)
41.   Lidjo Kwempa and Viva La Musica - Libonza (1983)
42.   Lidjo Kwempa and Viva La Musica - Ceci cela (1983)
43.   Reddy Amisi and Viva La Musica - Petite Gina (1982)
44.   Lidjo Kwempa and Viva La Musica - Mujingile (1982)
45.   Les freres Fataki and Touche pas - Mondeke (1980)

Live performances (a few of them):

•   On tour with Barrington Levy in Europe (2011 to 2014)
•   Pierpoljak and Vin Gordon at Le Bloc in Paris (2013)
•   On tour with the Wailers in America, Europe and Australia for five years
•   On tour with Alpha Blondy in America and Europe for three years
•   Backed various Reggae Artists with R.M.I (Reggae Music International) band in Europe
•   On tour with Ijahman Levi in Europe in 2002
•   Bisso na bisso (1998 to 1999)
•   Princess Erika
•   Neg Marrons
•   On tour with the Hooliganz reggae band in Europe and Jamaica
•   On tour with Papa Wemba in Africa, Europe and Japan (1982 to 1996)
•   Rochereau Tabu Ley & Afrisa (1979)



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