archos on: August 14, 2022, 14:52

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This guy is one of the close guys to late dj arafat whose 3rd anniversary of death was 2 days ago, he explained that prior to his death arafat  was boycotted by sponsors and looked less and less himself even the few times he could perform,the day before his death he performed with another ivorian artist dj mix and he was telling him "bro if i die please take care of my guys,if i die you will be the new biggest coupe decale star"  and mix was telling him what the hell are you talking about and the day he died he was barely talking,so unlike his usual full of energy and joking  self he had tasked him to take his motorbikes in future days to mechanics because there was brake issues,and the whole day when he started talking he was only talking about God saying to them to believe in God God is good and so on and remaining silent/sad so his guys who were around trying to move away from that topic in order to cheer him up  then all of a sudden he just took the motorbike to ride and refused to wear his protection jacket telling the guy to keep it and thanking him for all he had done for him then accident happened
but what shocked me the most is that once they arrived at hospital wifth most likely a case of internal bleeding they said like it unfortunately is  in many of our countries you should pay before they even touch you,and all the guys around did not have cash on them,arafat's rich pire vieux who were around at hospital only had checks  so they wasted a lot of time argueing with hospital guys only wanting cash until he finally got taken care off
certainly there was something spiritually destined about his death ,but still  on a rational point of view that long time of negotiations plus the long time before emergency arrived where accident happened did not help,and loads of people die " so easily" like that in our countries