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 He is reacting to an interview of etats unis who said that arafat is ungrateful and with a bad heart because he welcomed him at his home in extra musica international days but when he had to join extra musica zangul later on arafat gave him a torrid time while he expected him to be supportive
he first goes back in the early years of his career explaining how he became a musician and he was in small groups while his cousin papy jah joined extra musica and he reveals that papy jah could have sung earlier than shalai because he was around just after nouveaux missiles  but he left because he got suspended over something then returned later and that before  himself arriving in the extra musica clan he advised his petit typhoide tarzan to go for a test in extra since they knew each other already as they were in rival street groups but typhoide failed his test
and before extra zangul went to record etat major he went to do his test himself against the will of papy jah who did not like him being in the same groups to maintain a certain mutual respect and he was first tested as a singer and it was okay but then as an atalaku which worked well and as war started in brazza the big names of extra went to pointe noire so he moved back to his hometown dolisie and after extra musica split both quentin and roga were looking for him,he joined quentin first and since he did not have family in brazza after the war apart from papy jah he lived in a house quentin was renting for the group along with other musicians and thats how etats unis arrived from kinshasa and joined them so he lied that it was his house while it was the house where the new extra international members were living at and that he has no house
roga has known houses,ramatoulaye's one is known,sonor's new house he's been building is almost finished,oxygene has his house and so does doudou but not him
sometimes they were struggleing to eat at that house because quentin was not coming everydays and since some of the guys had sung already on album they knew how to get food from people unlike him so he had to go to papy jah sometimes when it was hard and quentin did not come that day
and papy jah was taking him to where roga espe or sonor where and they were eating "well" and it started giving him already a bit of desire to switch to zangul side but he knew quentin liked him a lot
then roga started threating papy jah to be fired if he does not convince his cousin to join the group and some times he'd go to visit papy at roga's house and roga would give him some money to win him over sent papy jah to lie to him that his dad had died in dolisie so they had to go  to bury him while it was  a tactic to get him into extra zangul and he was not aware of that and he was taken to roga's house with papy jah pretending to go shower to get ready to go to dolisie and roga talked to him and pretended to promise to help organizing funerals then papy jah arrived and roga said they'd rehearse then after that they'll take them to airport and they continued treating him well and thats how he stayed in the group he used to be nicknamed maradona or dona and its during his three weeks in the group then its later that it was renamed arafat during a rehearsal where kila was not there and roga pretended that he was just a guest from extra international which is why he came on stage,while in the crowd there was people who were also going to extra international events and he took the mic and wowed the crowd and people called quentin,and he said he was really believing roga that he was just a guest and he asked again about the trip to bury their father  then papy jah was giving explanation and thats how he stayed in the group because he wanted to protect papy jah too
and when etats unis got recruited in zangul roga espe and sonor asked him his idea and he said that he believed etats unis was not suited to zangul since zangul was built around kila's work and his and both are high notes guys while etats unis kept getting rougher and rougher over the years and he thinks that roga recruited etats unis at the end of the day to add something different and arafat explains his reluctance to get etats unis in the group with the fact that he was unable to interpret the work he found he only had to come with his own stuff,to extent that when him arafat was missing it had to be singers doing animation while etats unis was there but he did not unsettle him at all he even allowed him to interpret la main noire on his own and there roga noticed his difficulty to interpret and thats how zaparo got recruited but since he already has his issues with roga and the group and that he was about to explode the timing of it makes people think he left because of etats unis