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Title: Zaïko Langa-Langa band line-up
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Zaïko Langa Langa line up (image from the Jubile d'Or concert):
from left to right - Alain Biongo (atalaku - from Flash Musica), Doudou Adoula (atalaku), Vaugérard Mampuya (singer), N'Yoka Longo (singer - obviously the leader), Serge Kanza (singer - son of Zemano Kanza ex. Choc Stars), Acouda Nzuzi (singer - ex. Tout Puissant Multisystème). back : Montana Lukoki (congas), Bijoux Bass (bassist - the one who dances a lot), Luc Nganga Kiolayi (rythmic guitar), Roucoulet Kibwa (drummer - since 1995), Guy Binda (cowbell) Augusto Lyanza (mi-solo), Éric Tshotsho Matiaba (lead guitar), Popol Masivi (synth).
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Absent in the concert:
Dejeannot Nsangu (from Super Choc de Shora Mbemba, the atalaku of "Ma'Ndundu")
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Gégé Mangaya (RIGHT: mi-soloist - from Franco's TPOK Jazz, joined in 1989 after the split)
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And then the dancers: Lamama, Osée and one more.