Author Topic: Zmbabwe Elections  (Read 12654 times)

SLY PAPA NA KEVIN #15 on: August 07, 2013, 20:24

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@EMOBCBG said:
Sly, I will speak no more......we look at issues at different depths...

I know we can't agree where politics are concerned. The problems we face in Africa require simple solutions but it's us Africans who don't want to change,Ken has hit the nail on the head! It's unacceptable in a democratic nation to have one leader for over 30 years and this is someone who is almost 90 years old,it is not normal,it shows that everyone in the country is asleep,they go to school for nothing.

Do you know that Zimbabwe is way up on the ratings for literacy,way up than even Zambia which is way below but look at what the people of Zim accept as their leader.
A majority of Zimbabweans I know support Mugabe and want him to go on as leader because they think Tvangirai will ruin the country but aren't there other people who can seriously challenge Mugabe apart from Tvangirai,is Mugabe the only person who can think and defend the nation,what can Mugabe do apart from apart from talking nonsense constantly without proper analysis because he's probably suffering from dementia due to age.

We are no longer fighting for freedom in Africa,let's look at countries like Botswana,Angola and even Rwanda,they are setting trends,Rwanda especially has risen from the Ashes. People have not forgotten what happened in Rwanda but the Rwandan leader has put aside all that happened and started on a clean note leading the country to prosperity slowly,that's what we should be looking forward to.
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