Author Topic: For Online Buyers: PayPal Buyer Protection just got better!  (Read 8203 times)

bencuri on: March 20, 2015, 17:09

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I have just received a newsletter from PayPal, that says:

"You now have up to 180 days to open a dispute. 

Your order is
 a) broken;
 b) not as described;
 c) not delivered?
 We've got you covered. If something's not right, we can get your money back.
 You now have up to 180 days to open a dispute (it used to be 45 days only). This leaves you more time, for example, when you want to buy abroad. Couldn't reach an agreement with the seller? You can get a refund.* "

For me these are very good news, because several times when I order from abroad, I cannot order directly to my address, because the seller refuses to ship the item to my country. I ask friends to forward me a package in such cases, but in these situations the time until the packages arrives to me can be quite long, and I might run out of the time available to open a dispute in case there is problem with the item. With this I might have an easier job.