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Fingerpicked solo for DJ Sly


This is the video I was talking about with you, where, unlike other artists, Manuaku is using his fingers to play the solo:

You can even see him strum the rumba 6ths with his fingers, kind of funny to see how loose his method is. It seems you can solve things differently from the usual way, too.

Here's another example from the late Mzee Paul Omari...

Excellent work, must have been easier for them to do this especially if trying to play faster.

Not sure about the Congolese but some Benga soloist are fond of growing longer index and thumb nails to help with faster licks.

Well I think that most of Congolese guitar players even though is easier to play with thumb and fingers for solo licks, tent to use the plectrum because they want to play in the most difficult way possible so they can be able to manage the guitar in every way


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