Author Topic: Papa Wemba Viva La Musica De Generation En Generation 1991  (Read 1585 times)

World Music Afrique on: August 07, 2022, 06:45

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Around this time Viva camp was releasing hit after hit albums including the albums with Modogo and Abeba Lipordo.

Sadly, this lineup will create Nouvelle Generation in 1992.

Mfumu Vata #1 on: September 09, 2022, 15:57

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There were to much musicians in the band and Papa Wemba wasn't able to pay them all. Him touring around the world with his band Molokai, Reddy and Stino created more frustration, them thinking that he was getting alot of money and  Wemba being often invited for interviews and documentaries on the French and British television. Papa Wemba made the situation worser by at some point not informing musicians like Fafa de Molokai, Jose Fataki and co when they would perform for example in Geneva. Fans saying to them that there's a concert planned and them showing up at the last minute. Even Reddy Amisi and Stino weren't happy about the situation.

Then there was a reunion after a rehearshal and singers like Lidjo Kwempa and co asking to Papa Wemba if it wasn't better to give them 60% of the money he was getting from concerts. To solve those problems of payment and because of them the only one to release albums. Papa Wemba then hadn't released any album since Love Kilawu of 1987. All albums being that of Viva members (Reddy Amisi, Stino Mubi, Ping Pong, Joly Mubiala and co) and that of sapeurs like Modogo Gianfranco Ferre. Papa Wemba didn't react and said that he would think about it. Then they performed at Brussels and Reddy & Stino didn't show up, to show Wemba that they weren't happy about the situation. The concert went totally wrong. Papa Wemba really angry and started to shout at his musicians. After it they hold a reunion and Wemba totally attacked Stino Mubi and the rest even going far by insulting their mothers. He then said that the door is open for anyone who wanted to leave. Stino Mubi, Lidjo Kwempa, Bongo Wende, Boss Matuta, Luciana and co all leaving. This led to the creation of Nouvelle Generation. But Stino Mubi would quickly return after a few weeks (getting often attacked by Viva fanatics and Wemba's wife Amazone trying to convince him through his wife MJ Ngoyi)