Author Topic: Nairobi Band in the 70's - Viva Makale  (Read 11524 times)

MwanaMokili on: May 24, 2017, 10:46

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Viva Makale was formed In 1979 when the Manager of the hottest joint in Nairobi Called Garden Square ( known as Kasuku Armstrong) wanted to fill a void left by the breakup of one of his resident bands known as Orchestre Bwambe Bwambe.

The Manager then asked Bwami Wa Lumona, who was the band leader of his Main resident Band, Les Mangelepa, to get together with another musician known as George Kalombo Mwanza and form a band to fill the gap.

Kalombo Mwanza was a member of a group known as Kombe Kombe and he recruited a number of the group members to form Viva Makale. Viva Makale was then contractd by Kasuku Armstrong to play alongside Les Mangelepa at Garden Square as resident bands.

The founding members of Viva Makale were : George Kalombo Mwanza (Vocals/Sax), Bwami Wa Lumona ( Lead), Leyla (Trumpet), Tshiamusoke ( Trumpet), Coco Zigo"Mike" (Vocals), Tambwe Mandola ( Vocals), and Jimmy Monimambo (Vocals),  Chery Matumona (Lead guitar),  Siama Matuzungidi (rhythm), Kabeya ( Rythm), Thomy Lomboto (Bass) and Lava 'Machine" ( Drums).

Their Introductory song was known as Safari :

This song was done in Lingala and Swahili and details how the group was formed.

Arguably their Biggest hit was Akamba :

and Bibi Mdogo ( Second Wife or co-wife) :

Later additions to the group was Moreno Batamba ( Vocals) who can be heard on background vocals and chorus in
another hit known as Shanti :

The Group had a style of theirs known as Mokon nyon nyon, which featured in their chorus and chants. Sample another of their hits known as Mama Nala :

And souza :

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This sounds different to me than the ones you posted before. Never heard of them either! Thanks for sharing!