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MwanaMokili on: October 23, 2019, 11:35

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Orchestre Les Mangelepa had some hits that shook Nairobi in the 70's

The Group Members :
Bwamy  Wa Lumona  Simon (Le Capitaine),
Lutulu Kaniki "Macky"
Badibanga Wa Tshilumba "Kai  Kai",
Kabila  Kabanze "Evani",
Tabu Ngongo "Super  Sax",
Mukala wa Kanyinda "Coco"
Kalenga  Nzaazi "Vivi",
Twikale Wa Twikale "Petite Pierre",
Lukangila Maindusa "Moustang" ,
Mwepu Mushi "Cavalou"
Lumwanga Mayombo "Ambassadeur",
Tambwe  Lokassa William "Masumbuko Ya Dunia" and
Kazadi  Mbambu "Zadios"

This Album contained the following Hits:

1. Pambana - (Means Struggle in Swahili ) A composition by Lukangila Maindusa

2. Walter - This was a praise song for one of Mangelepa's biggest (donor) fan known as Walter. Composed by Bandibanga Wa Tshilumba "Kai Kai"

3. Maboko Pamba -

4. Amua

This is another nice hit, Amua (Decide) which was a  diss-track where they were asking their leader (Bwami Wa Lumona) to decide whether to stick with them or to stick with another group that he had founded called Viva Makale.
The mean solo is by Lukangila Maindusa "Moustang" while the lead guitar is by Twikale wa Twikale "Pettie Pierre"
who is also the composer. Nairobi Was on Fire in 1978!!


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How was Viva Makale founded?

Les Mangelepa was playing at a venue called Garden Square, as one of two resident bands. The other band was called Bwambe Bwambe broke up, creating a gap.

The Garden square Manager ( Mr. Kasuku Armstrong) approached Bwami Wa Lumona to form a band to fill the second slot and so  Viva Makale  was formed, with Bwami as its leader. That is why Mangelepa was dissing him and asking him to decide which band he was to stick with.

Bwami left Mangelepa and played with Viva Makale for about two years, but it also broke up and he returned to Mangelepa briefly before he became born again and left secular music.

He is currently living in Sweden if I am not wrong.