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Adjani and Babia's lives/career were too similar. Both started very promising tenorists, after performing at a mystic hall became drug addicts and started disappearing and not coming to concerts. Once returning to kin they completely disappeared and sporadically appeared in concerts started getting left behind for concerts, both leaders publicly humiliated them.

Drug addiction ruined both guys career

I've always liked Kene Kene, he could've been a good replacement to Bill voice and looks wise.
Same here, I agree

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide - Elegance (New)
« on: March 24, 2019, 15:20 »
This is not bad at all and once again another song without cindy I love that  :D ;D

first thing which blocked celeo's rise is that he was unable to promote his work in europe because he was denied visas on influence of....then he started having personal problems and sponsors letting him down under pressure, so he had to sell a lot of things to fund another album and from then he was turned into a topic of mockery,mockery is something very difficult to turn around these days in our music,as soon as a stereotype of your bad situation is stuck in people's minds its very hard to change it no matter what you do
Yeah but Celeo doesn't help himself on that matter cause he usually makes a fool of himself when he does his rants on the internet or interviews lol, but I did think and hoped that Celeo would have a great solo career and a huge run it's just unfortunate that Maison Mere are asses.

None of them are anti koffi, no one here attacked him in the interviews

« on: March 23, 2019, 03:31 »
Damn Le Padre Ferre your band is the top of the top in Congo no other singing on point, presentation on point. Nice to hear Limousine who's voice seems to gel well now congratulation to the guys. Another thing why Ferre's band have vocals that are well liked and success compare to the others kie kie they are talking about their 2 Angolan's concerts coming up on in April 2019 kie kie kie Marc House kie kie

I cringe every time you say something, just wanted to let you know.
Looooool  ;D ;D ;D

« on: March 21, 2019, 04:53 »

I just found it lol I haven't watched it

Will do. Might have to report all Congovibes recent grievances to him   ;D
Oh yeah you have history with Fally do you reckon you'll have a chance to speak with him

Nice, legendary venue

I'll be there definitely
Let us know how the show gets on

no,genta,chai and bikou had no problem,caludji aswell it was mainly targetting rio kibens jdl seguin and mukena a little bit
yeah somehow they play a good role aswell as the traditional dancers who disappeared after bercy
How come chai and bikou have no problem but the others did? Tutu and genta I get cause they were pushing for the youngers to get heard. Even tutu said in an interview after he left that Jb choosing to keep kibens and co hurt bcbg one hell of a lot. The operation against those guys started after alain left right? Cause a lot of fans were super angry when he left.

Like I said EMO has been right with what he's been saying all these years

« on: March 19, 2019, 20:17 »
I will never understand why people hate Ferré ...
It is down to fathers, Congolese people see Ferre as the disrespectful son that not only left Werra in the moment on need, but also got to the guy that (at the time) was the enemy, so people are thinking that Ferre should straight kneel down to Werra like Fabro did to be having the same credit and respect that Fally has. From the other part Fally is the gilden child of Koffi, the guy who always behaved well and when he left, he never said officially that he left, but always said I have one foot in and one foot out, ans even though Fally got rejected by MM in the beginning he never went to Werra's orchestra, almost humiliating Werra and other old leaders when Droit Chemin's success came, the reason Fally hates Ferre is very simple. Ferre was a Maison Mere members and Fally was not, and furthermore, not only Fally wasn't in Maison Mere, but all of a sudden Ferre (who were considered the best singer ever at that time) joins Quartier Latin and the boss Fally consider like his father (Koffi) not only accept him but make him the big star.
Despite what Fally wants to show in public, he is actually very insecure and the continuos hints and atten0s to mock Ferre are an example, I mean, why the hell Fally have to mock Ferre if he is the biggest guy now? Simply because he is insecure.
Who told you such rubbish
Lol. I won't even amswer, Fally fans cannot accept truth
Lol says the Ferre fan who likes spreading BS just cause you support anything and everything Ferre does especially by calling him the God of rhumbas and just cause you don't like Fally, Koffi and clan ql in general and you love trying to minimise that lot cause you're a wenge fan

Ehh So Emo has been right the entire time about the older generation.  So they're also partly to blame for the Europe ban by making the original ppu stay there. I've got a few questions was every single person from the first team targeted? Cause some older guys like Bikou, Richard mukena and co started leaving one by one was it due to fan pressure? I know Richard left cause of his relationship but did the fans pressure him too? And same with Bikou?

« on: March 19, 2019, 18:24 »
Who really cares about that fagot ass blower fally interviews these days .. ?
At least he recognize not being a noko.
Lol what did Fally do to you? I remember you were one of his biggest fans unless you're just trolling like you've been also trolling some Ferre posts too.

Finally! I can't wait

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