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I remember there was rumours that Teka and Eboa Lotin was going to join QL after the danger de mort tour. Is there any truth in this?

Apart from sound the only thing that was missing in anti terro was the drumming of the great titina! If it had better sound and titina drumming the generique would've been much much better.

Yes internet was a bit lacking only because it came out the same year as kibuisa and effrakata, other than that internet is a top top album and the sebenes were on point and also the rhumbas it's just the generique that I think sort of messed up the album, otherwise the album is the second best bcbg album after titanic of course.


Anti Terro I find myself listening to it quite often, I didn't like it in the beginning due to the sound and the fact that it came out the same year as Alerte Generale and Monde Arabe. I also think this is a way better generique then that of Internet which I usually skip.

Sad how that dream team didnt done bord ezanga kombo & how they drop danger de mort aka the weakest ql album
One of the biggest what ifs, if they managed to do one more koffi album altogether and what it would sound like. But yes danger de mort is the weakest and overhyped QL album even though the sound was on point.

Ahhh this made me mad, like Matebu it took me a bit of time for me to like the generiques of Control. Fally should release this version as a single like he did with original. We all even said that kabuya and alvarito solo were the missing links in Control, every band has them few guys that are very much needed and when they leave the music goes downhill.

Ahhh my beloved QL... it's crazy how this was nearly 14 years ago then soon to be 13/12 since a proper QL existed sad.

« on: January 19, 2019, 22:07 »
El ray mago ya nkuki
Watch him shave his head next hahaha

I also see Rolly Mayemba from Les Mineurs... What happened, I thought he had a promising career in QLI
He stayed in Europe after that zenith tour in 2007.

Ahhh they brought back that Olympia sebene. Also nice to see Rolly Mayemba, Suzuki, and Roi David with them

Heartbreaking to see

« on: January 16, 2019, 17:55 »
Still nothing on snapchat regarding the album or clips, it's like he was there for personal reasons.
Dude I don't know why you keep stressing yourself all the time regarding that album jb and bcbg are hopeless. There's so much more people out there that can entertain you, the day it will come will be the day jb goes on tv to give a date other than that stop torturing yourself, it's not like it'll take the world by storm anyway so I don't know why people are still bothering with it.

Really not bad

Congolese Music / Re: JF Ifonge interview with Ado Yuhe
« on: January 16, 2019, 03:30 »
Oh no, I never like to watch JF's interviews so if someone can do us all a favour and do a summary please.

Les Marquis - Miracles (CD 1 & CD2 High quality)

Kindly re-share this link ndeko. It says file expired.
Not needed it's on all digital platforms now in much better quality

Was this their first concert without Blaise? I still think he left bcbg way too early if makaba was around in kin I doubt that would've happened so quickly.

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