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How can you retire from music, how do you retire from such great and lovely profession of making lovely music eh lazy
Exactly and with his talent he can just do more session music and Koffi will call him everytime he needs him, so what’s the point for retiring he’s a top top drummer

Fally’s really been on a roll, the last 3 singles he released for Formule 7 have all been really good. I pray the Generique is a banger also. Nice to see the usually camera shy Felly Tyson in the clip lool

« on: December 02, 2022, 01:07 »
bro the guys already even have songs with title and all which they have presented to koffi including even blana ronaldinho and abel who joined recently,now remains to be seen if he'll not do like with joss and co given them a taste and promise of return of real quartier latin then bye bye its the olomide's here
We were meant to get one years ago when Koffi also invited ex members to put songs on their. But looking back he made the right call to cancel it because Quartier Latin of then we’re ready, lol their performance of Bilan and Detresse at fikin loool my word.

« on: December 01, 2022, 23:25 »
What I wish a Koffi did in the song Tshiboless (which I love)  and Femme I wish when the singers were singing their vocals Koffi said the singers name when they were each singing cause I still have no idea on majority of the musicians names in the group loool. But I think those two songs showed that they’re ready for a QL album now.

« on: December 01, 2022, 22:59 »
I like it but dude needs to relax on the screaming cause it looks like that screaming he was doing over the years is starting to take its toll on his voice

« on: November 30, 2022, 17:49 »
That’s impressive for real

True and it annoys me how most nowadays try to play like flamme and just play too fast in generiques.

« on: November 27, 2022, 00:22 »
I think if he took out Biberon and BMC and replaced them with Generiques or Sebene or at least more hard hitting Sebene it would've definitely been better. The Zaiko style is mehhh even though I like Mbembe. Still a good album though I have most songs on repeat.

Not bad at all, old school smooth sebene

I am surprised to hear koffi mention Eldorado, Mascot de Katalas, Thomas Lokofe, Djunafa and Veron
Yeah I was also surprised to hear mention all those dancers too, especially the ones that "exposed" him

you beat me to it bro lol did you see the video koffi did for that thanking all the guys and co but it was all in french,it reminded me of the late babia and lebou who were among the rare to say things as they thought at the moment to koffi lol like babia once said "ah vieux na moyi makasi boye ba francais moyen te" one day that koffi was starting his long speeches in french  :D :D :D :D
top top group indeed,i wish the rivalry with wenge was a bit healthier
What do you mean by healthier, I didn't think it was that bad


Today marks the 36th anniversary when Koffi formed one of the greatest (in my opinion) groups of all time Quartier Latin!

Their debut album was released in 1992, with the last album to date released in 2006

The group gave us many classics and also was able to present us talent of many individuals for example: Fally Ipupa, Bouro Mpela, Willy Bula, Sam Tshintu, Lebou Kabuya, Suzuki 4x4, Modogo, Soleil, CNN, Champion, Kerozene, Brigade, Felly Tyson, Rocky Blanchard, Babia Ndonga, Eric Tutsi, Mboshi, Somono, Do Akongo, Fofo Le Collégien, Cambodge, Mamale and there’s so many to go on loool.

Also not to forget guys that came from other groups and helped Quartier Latin reach bigger heights for example Beniko Zero Faute, Montana Kamenga, Depitcho, Ramazani, Ferre Gola, Titina, Mbetenge, Deo Brondo once again there’s so many names.

Looking back there was never any single bad Quartier Latin album and there’s still a debate of where each album ranks as the best. We also were gifted arguably the greatest chorus group of all time of the Magie and V12 team which consisted of Suzuki, Babia, Eric, Modogo, Willy and Sam.

With the groups backing we got given the famous Generique of all time Loi for Koffi’s solo album, along with Effrakata, and Rond Point which are all dance floor Anthems

With Do Akongo composing the CLASSIC Rhumba Sens Inverse which is also a wedding classic usually for the first dance

Quartier Latin took Koffi to another dimension and he was able to reach new heights with the group with successful Europe tours and playing at mystic halls such as Olympia, Zenith 6 times, and Bercy

Also not to forget the countless successful African tours and concerts in Kin

With Quartier Latin winning the best group at the Kora Awards in 2003

Aside from that we also have a couple of Quartier Latin offshoots for example: Quartier Latin Academia who released their debut album Sanction which was a huge hit and had proper Quartier Latin sound, same with Quartier Latin Integral who released Volte Face that was also Quartier Latin sound.
There was a lot of musicians that left and took the Quartier Latin sound with them to use in their own albums.
Koffi himself left a message towards all his former musicians and dancers thanking them for their service

Happy Birthday Quartier Latin and thank you for the impact you gave to our music! Post some of your favourite Quartier Latin songs on here

LOL don’t believe Jb guys remember he released this poster 3 years ago so don’t believe anything until you see the album on pre order ;D ;D

« on: November 26, 2022, 10:33 »
Ferre posted the album on his Instagram

That's why Werra fans hate Ferre, how can you share Koffi album like that propping him up like this but when Werra drops is like he doesn't exist? I understand they has beef, but Koffi also did Ferre dirty many times so why support Koffi and act like Werra doesn't exist? Now I understand why most Maison Mere fans hates him. He is like 50 Cent's son taking a picture with the guy who orchestrated his murder, you don't do that.
Ahh yo pe manzambi. You hate on Koffi so hard it’s insane. It seems you find it hard to let things go and just love people staying in conflict. You clearly didn’t watch Ferre’s press conference where he praised Werra and said Werra formed him, is that pretending Werra doesn’t exist? Koffi was one of those that publicly supported Ferre during his arrest drama whilst Werra was silent, it goes both ways so don’t blame everything on Ferre.

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