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Congolese Music / Re: WENGE'S
« on: March 17, 2018, 14:43 »
Simply because you need to know the hunger for then appreciate eating, if you have already a lot to eat at home, you will never leave your house, on the other side, if you don't eat at your house you'll rather die once you are out then being without food.

that's exactly what Maison Mere members know they need to work hard and excel if they want to be recognized. It is true that JB has already old members but for example, young people like Abel de charme and Abraham, to name a few, are really talented and with a little more work and promotion they could reach the same level as Robinio, Deplick or Heritier and thus bring a little more competition in the 5th generation and make it stronger

the biggest thing that the 6 directors could do would be to make an album together like in the good old days, just an album. If I am not mistaken, I think I read on the forum that there was a project of meeting, to play a concert together

when it comes to leadership, Congolese music can become very dirty and ruthless

matebu according to  artistic director djino liaki last time they went to paris fally took a serious look at marcadet and grande armee and went for similar equipment in order to barely do any session anymore in europe
eza piment and co were done in " werra's studio" (ndiaye)
When did Werra buy the studio Ndiaye

I also believe the orginal verison of Solange was also recorded there, with Brukina Faso bursting to the scene with his classic partitions. Lof Lofombo doing his thing

By the way, anyone know in which album the original song Solange is ?

Congolese Music / Best Koffi album ?
« on: March 08, 2018, 21:27 »
for a few days, I had the idea to launch this topic for Wenge 4x4 but the brother @Brazzaboy took charge

Being a big fan of Koffi and being one of the last living legends we have left I would have liked to know what were your favorite Koffi albums

Ngobila (1986)
Stéphie (1987)
Henriquet (1988)
Elle et moi (1989)
Les prisonniers dorment (1990)
Koweit rive gauche (1992)
Noblesse Oblige (1993)
V12 (1995)
Loi (1997)
Attentat (1999)
Effrakata (2001)
Monde Arabe (2004)
Bord Ezanga Kombo (2008)
Abracadabra (2012)
13è apôtre (2015)

Congolese Music / Re: Best 4x4 album
« on: March 08, 2018, 21:09 »
Their separation is so regrettable, they complement each other as well

Congolese Music / Re: Best 4x4 album
« on: March 08, 2018, 21:07 »
Kin e Bouger - The sound, the sound, the sound… I remember hearing it for thirst time and being blown away like never before. The album was light years ahead in terms of acoustics. The album should’ve been longer and Makaba deserves a lifetime time achievement award for his work on Solo, Rhythm, Synthesizer, Mixing, instrument tuning, composing, and getting Werra to actually sing properly ;D ;D.

Completely in agreement with the bro @Matebu, until today Kin e Bouger remains one of the albums with an acoustic quality out of the ordinary (with Academia's Sanction), if all the Congolese albums could have this quality... Our music puts forward just about every category of instrument, it deserves to be recorded with an acoustic quality such as Kin e bouger

For my part, I would say:

1. Anges Adorables vol. 2 (it's Wenge's album where bass is the most powerful and best played and the sebenes leave me speechless, all the voices are pleasant, the battery do not talk about it, everything is concordant, all the voices are pleasant)
2. Kala-yi-boeing (all sebenes are successful...)
3. Kin e bouger (Kaskin's sebene ... amazing)
4. Pentagone / Anges Adorables vol. 1 (Pentagone, No comment Schengen, Coco madimba, Filandu, La vérité... and Hi ho ha, La vie, Douglas Ilumbe and La tempête du désert are the sounds that I recommend you the most between this two albums)
5. Bouger bouger (apart from Mulolo, I do not really like other sounds)
6. Pleins feux (apart from Tchatcho Mbala from Werrason, the rest do not captivate me)

Ba Ndeko, none of you would have the miracles album of les Marquis de Maison Mère ? Please, that whoever has it, can rip it in good quality and create a link on which we could download it ? thank you so much

This discussion board does not support piracy.

bro, we are far from wanting to support piracy. As in the topic "The album that I'm waiting to appear on the digital platforms", we said that we share, here between us, the albums are not available on the platforms of legal download or streaming because we are In love with Congolese music and there are many Congolese albums that have become too rare because the producers do not make them available online. If these albums were available online, we may never have created these topics. We share these albums only for private and personal listening.

Urgence & anissa are classics, im glad that im not the only one who thinks that.

we are really a lot to think about that  :D

Congolese Music / Re: Classic albums.
« on: March 08, 2018, 20:08 »
I would say :

Koffi Olomidé - V12, Loi, Effrakata, Koweït Rive Gauche and Les Prisonniers Dorment
Fally Ipupa - Droit Chemin
Ferré Gola - Qui est derrière toi ?
Wenge Musica - Kala-yi-Boeing
JB Mpiana - Feux de l'amour
Werrason - Solola bien, Kibuisa Mpimpa
Papa Wemba - Emotion

its a non-exhaustive list, pratically every Congo artist has a classic song to his credit but no classic album, sometimes even several classic songs in a single album but the album is not a classic

Fally needs to return to music such as: Liputa, Associé, Kidiamfuka, Traveling Love, 5th race and so on. Humanisme already seems to announce itself very well

by the way, I share the live version of 5th race that I find excellent with at the end part of the song Mokeks which was still being prepared at that time

That I have already heard is that our music (rumba) does not come from Cuba as we are taught. The Rumba comes from a dance called Kumba, originating from our Bantu ancestors from Central Africa (Kongo empire, Gabon ...) and they imported with them during the slave trade into the tobacco fields. The Cubans will resume our dance by renaming it Rumba.

I put you some articles explaining better than me the origin of our dear rumba:


« on: March 06, 2018, 22:08 »
Bercy is no longer suspended, we can see it standing in white next to the presenter of the show at 15:06min

Congolese Music / Re: Scans of albums booklet
« on: March 05, 2018, 23:57 »
Just bought me a copy of attentat (radio version) but im on vacation right now so i cant scan it (i did the danger de mort scans in my office). So would you like me to take pictures? (Iphone 8 quality)
personally I prefer to wait until you can scan it when you get back to work, enjoy your holidays bro

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