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I see Mon Ami Guelord, the states is a weird place to want to continue a Congolese music career.

It’s a graveyard here for Congolese music. Not sure if they’re doing this as a hobby, otherwise there’s no means of exposure

Ndeko I was wondering where you got off to

Been busy masta - hope all is well with you. It’s a shame the genre is dead - I only listen to classics st this point


« on: July 03, 2020, 15:06 »
This was JB Mpianas final signal of the word: done. Anti Terri shouldn't have even been released
Loool I only ever listen to this album just to skip to the Sebene parts, the songs I listen to in full are only the Generique, Plainte A, and BK le Sénateur.

Amour Sans Tache is a good song as well. The sound of the album is just weak compared to TH and Internet - makes it an unmemorable album overall

Yes that's satellite. Dinara and mwaka also feature in other songs. This is a very good album. The generiques were overplayed before release making them sound so weak. I think Werra needs either Bercy or Ambulance back. Diego and Golbert are too average for such a big group. Jamaique needs serious competition. He has potential and is versatile but he lacks Bercy's energy.

I'm of a different opinion. I feel Jamaique is not living up to initial hype and I have a feeling Werra might ditch him soon. Goldbert is not being given the spotlight he deserves but so far he's bettering Jamaique in all possible ways
I agree with you 100 percent but I don't think Werra will dump Jamaique because he is a Bill Clinton copycat and we all know that Werra wants a Bill Clinton copycat for his group. Unless another Bill Clinton copycat comes along, Jamaique will be in Maison Mere for some time.

Yeah, very disappointed in his work so far in MM. No creativity, no identity

I think this is the only remix out of the 30 remixes he’s made that I actually like lol, but nothing will ever beat or come close to the original

kiekie, you read my mind masta nzembo ya mille dimension

JF is a born hater. We should just come to an agreement of not giving him attention on here

« on: June 21, 2020, 17:54 »
The way they did the generique at Bercy in live, it was fireeeeeeee. I'm very upset with the studio version, it lacks puissance. The mixage is not very good like we were expecting although they recorded the song here in Paris, I think some parts where did in Kin before they came in Paris for Bercy. Even in the credits of the song you can see that the mixer is JP Kiss

Wait this was recorded in Paris? I thought it was done at N’Diaye before they came. What for the next album was/is being recorded start to finish in Paris or am I wrong?

Congolese Music / Re: Michel Bass (Alert General Cover)
« on: June 21, 2020, 13:54 »
This makes me shed a tear. Absolutely amazing - we what it took to make bass lines in Alerte Generale sounds so good. Arguably the best long générique (10min+) of all-rime

Anyone know what albums are coming out? I was scrolling through Instagram and there are some sebenes I am not aware of. Not sure if it’s gospel artists or non congolese artists?
mostly gospel, which is sad

Hat tip to @CM Prince. As a huge Defao enthusiast, this really has me excited. Defao for me is the most consistent artist - Ive never heard a bad song from him in my decades of listening

I knew no one will notice that the song has surpassed the 4months old video of the most favored guy in this plartform kkkkkkk

Merci po na information chef ya Fan club Ipupa - délégation Congo Vibes :D

4th interview? How many times does he need to tell the same Wenge story?

Kiekiekie this team again

Why have you guys chosen to voluntarily torture yourselves by being Arsenal fans? It’s like the Knicks fanbase

Pathetic loss today

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