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Fally needs deliver on his next rhumba album or he’ll just become Mr. International le vrai (instead of Didier Lacoste) to me.

for me it's General Defao,Vieux Gene-Gene Def-Def as they are calling him nowadays.You Defao is man you don't usually find in polemique..or war of words with young artists or anyone.Koffi maybe rich but he is a foolish and jealousy old timer.

Agree. Vieux Def always delivers, never heard a bad song from him. I still enjoying his new album and looking forward to the next one soon with Soleil, Celezino, Yondo Sister,  manda Chante, Serge Mabiala etc

Can someone explain why he made the change? Was it because of a unsuccessful career like JF Ifonge and others - aka mpiaka? He's one of those guys I really haven't paid attention to in recent years.

I remember he was making bank from Bralima, then they cut him off a few years ago.

Lots of talent came from his group

This was a banger in the ndombolo era:


It's weird to see these guys as pastors and men of  god now when they used to practice kindoki. Does it really give them a fresh start regardless of their history?
Il a choisi de se détourner du mal? pour embrasser la voie de Dieu. Le mal, pour lui, a été de pratiquer la musique profane sous l’influence diabolique. Vous l’avez compris il s’agit de l’évangéliste Christian Kimbukusu Newman autrement dit Nouvel homme.

Il y a quelques jours, il a avoué l’inconscience de de ses actes à une certaine époque. Pendant qu’il était le patron de Lavinyora Esthetique, il avait été confronté à la tentation de s’engager avec le diable pour réussir. Mais étant un appelé de Dieu, il avait réussi à se retenir.

Il a, par ailleurs, révélé que la danse Linda avait pour source une sirène.  Raison pour laquelle à chaque fois qu’il interpréter ce cri, la population était emportée dans une ambiance  folle et inexpliquée. L’esprit de la sirène soufflait sur elle. Il n’a pu comprendre toutes ces choses qu’une fois délivré.

C’est dans le même sens, qu’il martèle pour attirer l’attention des congolais sur certaines chansons étrangères, notamment Dorobucci des nigérians. Car il s’agit là encore d’un autre mauvais esprit envoyé par le diable. Un esprit qui avait été chassé au Nigéria et qui s’est réfugié au Congo.

Il promet d’intercéder tous les jours pour tous ceux qui persistent dans la mauvaise voie et marchent avec le diable.

Étant fils de Dieu, il estime que nous ne devons pas nous soumettre et servir un être inférieur à nous : Lucifer.  Il est donc important de faire très attention aux endroits où nous nous rendons, selon l’homme de Dieu.

Notez que l’évangéliste Christian vient de mettre sur le marché un nouvel album chrétien, son tout premier d’ailleurs, qui s’intitule “Wumela na yo Yesu”. Pour l’instant, le disque n’est disponible qu’en version audio. il comporte 7 titres dont  “Amour du prochain”.

Haha wow mdr, Ya Bayilo Canto toujours hot tempered ;D ;D

You will never see this guy chilling out

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY'S NEW CLIP: POSA
« on: April 19, 2018, 22:47 »
Kiekie, just tell us if it’s from Tokoos or his upcoming album so we don’t waste our valuable time.


producer jdk decor says part of papa's troubles with ngulu came from his blind trust to people around him to invite guests  on the list and those people were not honest and added ngulu's and  once in paris there was some people papa did not even know and him jdk neither

What complicated his case was that it was happening for many years. Unless he was that oblivious for years, then he knew exactly what went on. The French court said that made like around $700 thousand because he was directly or indirectly responsible for 200 illegal immigrants entering France & Beligum 

Early on it was a few at a time, but Wemba got greedy and also he had to pay for his huge 80 person band, so kept adding more and more people as fake musicians.

Six months ago French police began investigations when 200 Congolese arrived in Paris saying they were Papa Wemba's musicians. They later vanished.

A similar case occurred in Belgium and further questioning of the people revealed that they had in fact each paid 3,500 euros($4,000) for their passage.

« on: April 19, 2018, 17:19 »
He should call his musician friends to he him promote it.... oh wait, he can’t.

A little off topic, but I appreciate how “Yao na bisso” has stuck to his humble roots unlike most African athletes when they become millionaires. He’s also heavily funding Fally, Héritier, Werra, Extra, and Doudou Copa for their recent and upcoming albums

Kiekie yea, the man is like the leader of Fan club Ipupa. They’re childhood friends so it’s not hard to see why

Ferre is too old to be still having septum piercings, tchip

This is one of those songs my parents played as a kid ALLLLLL the time and as I got older I didnt know the name of it or who sang it and couldnt even ask my parents anything about it because I had no idea where it came from. So glad I stumbled upon it 5-10 years ago. That melody woulda just been stuck in my head forever.

Yes, indeed. Used to nake my elders emotional, now I really understand why. This song and Carlyto’s “Makolo ya Massiya” are songs that move people to tears.

Good times. I really miss the professionalism and class like that of Les Amis de Wetchi


That video interview of him was hard to watch, that man reached rock bottom! I'm just glad he finally overcame his addiction, although it was a long and painful recovery.

Had he not died, do you believe that Babia could of made a stable career for himself? Last I heard, he was attempting a solo career from Angola before he died.

Babia has a complete album that was never released and it'll likely stay that way. I remember hearing the generique, which sounded very good and being excited. Very Koffi inspired arrangement & mabanga style. Mawa trop, RIP

Did Koffi ever acknowledge him after he passed away?
Of course, Koffi was the main guys speaking at his funeral with a huge turn out of musicians. He tried many times to help him through his situations. I know the some of the press tried to make him look like a bad guy anyways to generate attention

lol, what is it the 1950's when there wasn't email, phone, or tv to communicate? These guys are so soft now when it comes to this stufff ;D ;D

They also need to start hiring native French speaking copywriters to write proper releases if they're going to insist on French instead of Lingala. They try to make it look professional when it's not. Werra especially.

Who played keyboard in this album ? The keyboard player did an excellent job.

Ernest Mvouama. He also played keys on Carlyto's first and only secular album, Bana Ok albums  of the early 90's, Meiway, and lots of Brazza artists

The song and album of 1993, then late in the year Noblesse Oblige came out. RIP to one of best songwriter and guitarist ever. My mother used to play this album all the time.

One the most beautiful sounding songs I’ve ever heard. Carlyto & Pembe Cherole (I believe her daughter is a famous Instagrammer/NWE)

^1.6 million views

The compositions and sebenes were wonderful.

I remember people accusing Papy Kakol of blatant plagarism for "Fanatique Na Ngai" becuase he just took it from Ocean Kibinda Nkoyi "Tonton Kalunga" and just changing the name. But Kakol was a his drummer for the folklore group before joining WMM so that settled that argument

The transition to generique is absolutely horrible tough (4:20). No effort there at all

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