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« on: April 25, 2018, 22:17 »
But Fally way of paying changed over the time? Because nowadays a lot of his musicians say that he pays them good money

Yeah better than before, but they still don't get a regular salary like other groups yet. Many go upaid for months since he's loves being aboard in Europe & LA a lot. They still show up for repetitions in his absence though

Being connected to the group gives them access to local donors. Once they leave it's hard to keep those connections because the bosses' friendship with x donor comes first



Nope, you missed the point. When singers are singing their parts Koffi has always limited mabanga until transitions or sebene portion the same way Kester, JB, Wazekwa, etc. have done

Werra was reciting names from start to finish on A la que leu leu, didn’t matter what part. On 13ans alone he recited 110 donor names

This is insane.. this is one of the sorcers figures artists go to with their misguided hopse of wanting to get more success through witchcraft. Even many politicians and public figures like Zacle participate in stuff

Casual as hell with snakes all over him.

Back when Zacle was accused of really being a Zambian. Embarassing for "Honorable" Zacle

RIP Philemon Ndombele despite some of his viewpoints.

« on: April 24, 2018, 21:09 »
Bienvenue Konga. He was drenched in sweat in the concert footage from how hard he was drumming, then later Champion alternated

He said he left because Fally barely paid him, but he also ran away after the Fally's first Euorpe tour so...

Vocals were so out of tune at Fally's Olympia.


All those years of loud animations will take a toll on your voice, even if it was more melodic compared to shouting atalakus.

True, also atalakous love their whisky

Didn't know the LP was already available

Going to a DJ Arafat concert concert that's not a playback is literally like going to a Bill Clinton concert

Lol @ Shegal Mokonzi  (a Congolese) telling Arafat to his face that Coupe Decale is Congolese music because they hijacked it

He made an African contiental sensation song (late 2003-2004) using Tutu Calluji's name and some of Celeo's animations, meanwhile Congolese music was starting to decline. Not going to lie this was one of the best coupé decale songs though.

Also, he sampled Soukous Star's "Tantina" to create a good portion of the beat (5:50-) and all of the rhythm partitions used.

lol, these guys did not give a damn - Dj Calludji, Mulukulu DJ, DJ Arafat, DJ Kilabongo, Sehagal Mokonzi, DJ Mopao, etc. plus taking the verses

« on: April 24, 2018, 19:04 »
Yeah, same case for France's national team with the likes of Paul Pogba (Guinea), Djibril Sidibé (Mali), Blaise Matuidi (DRC), N'Golo Kanté (Mali), Ousmane Dembélé (Senegal), Presnel Kimpembe, the list goes on. Most of the squad is African now

The reason why they opt for European teams is because the fanbase is 10x bigger, facilities and coaching staff are much better, and they get huge endorsement deals in those countries. It's the hard reality, but aside from them being away from their true roots, it's more pragmatic for them to be on those EU rosters.

In order for those players to play for their motherland countries, their respective countries need to step it up when it comes to investing in great facilities and conching staff, also doing a proper job of recruiting. All those African players in EU national teams were recruited by scouts, so African teams need to hire good recruiters also to convince them to join.

Plus, those teams will almost always qualify for the World Cup, whereas some African teams can go decades without qualifying

What about Djouna Mumbafu, he had a father son relationship with Pepe Kalle (1987-2000; when Empire started to fall apart)

Fantastic songs, both versions. Other great remixes that come to mind of Kin e Bouger remix & Mabala Commission (Version Coupe du Monde)20-

I was going ask you guys how you feel about the new Syllart Youtube page with their artists making new clips for 30 year old songs? And also how anything from their label was deleted if they didn't upload it. Even if the artist was signed to multiple labels, they're making it seem like they were just a Syllart artist. It seems the new management direction is playing catch-up for all the years they weren't on YouTube.

Tabu Ley made clips for his old 60's-70's songs back when he really needed the money.

I always respected the founder Ibrahima (RIP) for his innovation - first African with a successful international music label back when labels were run by Jewish or British executives. Now it seems like they're trying to profit as quickly as possible at the expense of established YouTube pages.

I fear Fils Lokome's channel is next to be deleted

Congolese Music / Re: PAPA WEMBA 2 YEARS ALREADY...
« on: April 24, 2018, 16:43 »
Balaka dia Kuba, M’zee Fula Ngenge, Kuru Yaka, Jeune premier... the list goes on. Still hard to believe he’s gone. As sad as it was, he went out the exact way he wanted

Ah, Grand Cadre “L’artiste Polyvalent”. This song made my week, thanks

Damn, Celeo really lost his voice compared to the past

These are the only guys that fed JB with oxygen...

Yeah, the fate of BCBG slowly started to change when Titina, then Alain left

Congolese Music / Re: Anyone with this album please?
« on: April 24, 2018, 16:35 »
Yes bro, I have a few songs from the album. Will post when i have time

« on: April 24, 2018, 16:31 »
lol, you “Koffi-phobes” are something else. The guy has more gold records than just about any African artist ever, so his accomplishments speak for themselves; love him or hate him.

I was on the scene in Paris when Loi dropped, people were going crazy to get a copy, especially because it was during the holiday season when all the DJs had Loi générique on repeat.

Anyways, back on topic... since he publicized this,  I don’t want to hear any ex Wata employee complaining in 1-2 years that they left because of bad pay.


I'm assuming Montana never released the album, because his recruitment by Koffi was very fast. I'm surprised JPS Production didn't sue, because by abandoning the project like that is sure to be some form of breach of contract.

Ndeko, the album was released with help from Sec Bidens, Ocean Ebale, Guy Guy Fall, & Dindo Yogo's Atalakou before he passed (forget his name). It's pretty good, not the greatest tbh.

It was a flop because the big 4 (Koffi, BCBG, WMM, Wemba Ecrita) had a monopoly of the hit parades and television stations. So all those guys Alphatshino (RIP), Montana, Suzuki, Aimelia, etc. had to conceed solo failure and rejoin groups before the offer window closed. Even Fally had no choice really to join a group after the a stint of Talent Latent. Fally's nickname was Anelka, because he was offered a big transfer contract (like Nicolas Anelka in La Liga when he was transferred to Real Madrid) to join QL after recruitment.

It was tough to survive as a small act/group then

Despite the monopoly, some artists & groups remained strong as well like Madilu (RIP), Academia, Les Quarttro de Langa Langa, Reddy (to a degree), Shora Mbemba, Dindo Yogo (RIP), Ocean Kibinda Koyi to name a few

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