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Congolese Music / Re: Watanabe Sebene Non-stop
« on: Today at 00:03 »
The flow and coordination of animations has the touch of Wmm written all over it....Products of Werra shall be known by their fruits simple as that!!


Yea, that’s going too far. A big contributor to the downfall of the genre are the fanbases.... yea I said it.

I remember Roga Roga’s interview with Martin Sinnock before the album came out, where he was saying he bought new Steinberger guitars and said the album would be very different from their previous albums

I guess keeping the Extra theme going...I remember thinking this was next level sound the first time i heard this album. The sound so crystal clear, Roga Roga’s solo licks so clean

I’m trying to think of others. Another one was the Loi générique, and that of course is beyond legendary

I think that JB Mpiana just married Sylvie Mulumba to prove Amida a point. Because he was really hurt by hearing that she started a relationship with Didi Kinuani. With Amida then quickly replying by marrying Didi Kinuani, which made it worser for JB.
How are the situation now are JB and Amida still marries to Sylvie and Didi?

lol, nah.  He and Amida got remarried, then she left him for an old politician, Vital Kamerhe who is arguably wealthier and more powerful in DRC than JB. She even gave birth to kids with all three guys to secure the “bag” for life.

For this reason my cousin calls JB a simp, kiekie

Vital’s nickname «Pacificateur jusqu'au bout» is also quite ironic

Dont speak from without....what evidence do you have that Werra sends that useless Sakara to insult people....of all people you should know that Sankara is just a bootliker trying to survive....therefore insulting people regrdless of the terms in which they left is his way to survive. Dont just jump on the bandwagon on mare speculations. Why should Werra bow down to people who left his band? did he kick them out? they left becoz there time was up just like a child leaves his or her parents home when he has come out of age. Never mind Werra is doing has been doing fine since the first Exodus and doesnt need any reunion to make it. He is an established leader who has given people a platform to perform. They come humble and live with Pride.....long live Maison Mere !
Stop being such a blind Stan werra clearly sends sankara cause if he didn't he'd have fired him long ago, like koffi did with kisindjora and others when they went on tv to talk about wazekwa and others or like fally did with tresor kongolo

Hey at least every big artist has their fan club represent in these types of threads. It’s the same rhetoric that their artist is head-and-shoulders above the rest and can do no wrong

Elliot Mondombe also reveals that he had initially given the Nolstagie song to Ferre but  that Ferre was not taking it serious which made him give it to Heritier who modified it and then Ferre became interested after it was programed and since he was Chef.

Speaking of Manda I just saw an interview with Nana Boduga were the members of Bana OK are refusing that directive by Papa Lutumba to give the band to Manda saying it doesn't make sense that Papa Lutumba could ask someone from outside to come lead the band when it has members  who can take over the leadership.

kiekiekie. They all left and said that they would rejoin only if Manda Chante will be out the band.

Haha, « rendre à César ce qui est à César » Kester voice. I don’t understand why Mande accepted the offer thinking things would be sweet and everyone would be on board

I think Nkila Mbongo is often overlooked as great animator.  In his prime (prior to throat issues), he was very charismatic, creative, and a big crowd pleaser

The live version was so powerful. Yea, Durrel Loemba was particularly fantastic.

In their next album "Ouragan", Nkila Mbongo specially created a dance specifically for Ivorians based on one of their popular proverbs ("avec ma bouche tu vas manger piment oooo, avec ma bouche tu vas manger piment oooo... awa te..... quitter là") "with my mouth you will eat the pepper". Of course we famously heard that lat on from JB on the Mpunda generique ;D ;D

Over there the locals used to called Extra's music bachegue or something that

i have downloaded all the website before he went gone, if someone want i will put a link with all the downloaded pages

Thanks, ndeko. I have a few pages saved myself. I'll see what host options there are and get back to you. Maybe there's a way to integrate it on this site? Admin please advise.

The song made everyone loose their minds whenever it came on - kids and adults alike. They were like the Beatles there at time there. Very local, unpolished sound production, but a continental hit regardless

You think Werra will keep his word and continue to push forward with this mission of sorts without Mampata reminding him?

I ask this because often people mistake Werra’s lack of enthusiasm when it comes to communication with colleagues and employees as arrogance when it’s really him being his naturally reserved self

He’s actually my distant cousin. He’s a professional thief, does plenty of underworld jobs, and spends a lot of his time in and out of prison.

It’s embarrassing for us since we bailed him out in the past and he continued excesses immediately after.  Vanité des vanités... I can’t even watch this nonsense

May the elections happen without violence, amen...

Despite their strongest polemic at the time (1999 release), they agreed to do this song (of course not in the booth together) at the urging of Show Do Man (RIP) from Toronto. This is the last song they where they both featured together

And just like that the website is gone. So sad. What we have left is inaccurate wiki pages and youtube comments

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