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If you listen to most albums you’ll notice they’ve always gotten top mabanga... aka the first names called on songs. They were extremely influential back in the 90’s-2000’s. Was it predominantly due to their reputation as enforcers/security? … I know some of their crews were responsible for “roughing up” artists and associates on behalf of musicians.

Were they getting mabanga for free/force like we saw with Poison Gorbachev with Wemba in the BBC Sapeur documentary?

I’ve heard their names so much, I’ve memorized some of them:
Maitre Boa, Maitre 150, Maitre Poison, Maitre Kamba kamuzna (RIP), Maitre Bobo Van Damme (who has gone clinically insane), Maitre Goldberg Champion, etc

Guys like Wazekwa, Jordan Kusa, & Werrason are also high ranking in various martial arts forms and are very passionate about it

These guys are legit black belts be in karate, judo, kung fu, Jiu Jitsu, etc.

@Manzambi; I was being quite sarcastic.... I don't really think cheating is acceptable if it's with a Bantu beauty. At the same time, I don't really care at all for Fally's personal life. I just thought it'd be an interesting thread topic since he has a real clean image for his some one of his stature.

The Childish Gambino situation with him speaking on black injustices whilst having a white wife is a whole another discussion, so for me that's neither here or there for this thread topic. I'd be happy expand upon that subject in another thread.

One thing you gotta understand is that male celebrities like Fally have women throwing themselves at him 24/7, same goes for any man in position of power. They all give in at some point, especially when they find someone that's just their type. I could use just about any artist or politician as an example.

Also, there's that one saying that "men turn into savages after their first heart break" ;D. Even though I'm happily married and wouldn't complicate my situation by adding someone else, I know plenty of regular people (friends & family) who have side chicks. It's just the way it is. Holy matrimony is not just possible for 70-80%, maybe evem 90% of people in modern society.

Nothing wrong with that ;D...who doesn’t have a side chick these days

Kiekie, that’s the reality. At least she’s very easy on the eyes unlike someone... like Drake’s side chick.

He definitely has a type with natural African beauties, I salute him for that. Kinda looks like his wife and that side chick he and Samuel Eto’o shared a while back. I thought he decided to settle with Nana the way Eto’o has made it seem to the public with Georgette.

Looking back, it seemed like he was eager to get to Monde Arabe, with the way he was previewing in songs well in advance.... He wasn't too enthusiastic about Affaire D'etat like previous group albums, despite the fact that it was a fantastic album. I also remember hearing about sabatoge that was attempted upon release.

One of the biggest mysteries is how Monde Arabe would have sounded if Next didn't go bankrupt or if he didn't take to heart Ley's criticisms. Original release was supposed to be late '03 combined with the Zenith concert.

From a pure analysis stadnpoint, I do think Monde Arabe had the biggest body of great rhumbas since V12... it's just that it took time to grow on people because of the lack of sebene.

Habi Toure... she's a beauty

They're cast mates on a new show called River Hotel, which will premier on TV5 Monde on June 25th:

RIP, the great poet and activist Franklin Boukaka who was assassinated. That song was a continental hit and the one of the biggest hits after Independance Cha Cha

Songs that make proud to be an African, like the Senegalese and Malians like to do. We're too obsessed with trying to be European that we often loose idenity. The sapeurs have influenced Congolese music culture so much, as well as those who really wanted to distance themselves from Mobutu's once mandatory abacost dress code.

There are songs like Ebale Ya Zaire, Ultimatum (sorta), but the rest is mostly bolingo or mabanga lyrics.

One of the my favorite examples (and favorite song) from Defao:

The original is just as great:

160K views in one month is very, very good for an artist like Blaise who basically went 11 years without an album

lol not good timing from him

lol, yeah the damage is done... unless he posts something with his wife and kids.

What does Adolphe have on his beard? An infection ? before, what he had on the beard was very little present but today his entire beard is touched

Keloids. He's very subconscious about it; unfortunate lifelong situation.

As far as leaders go, Defao in his prime for me.

Disgusting they snapchatted him dead in the car.... unfortuately saw it while IG. He was clearly "gone" then and there, but we now live in a "record first" society. Never heard his music, but too young man.

« on: June 19, 2018, 02:19 »
Matebu leave our friend bebe Jitrois kiekie,

you say koffi keeps a young fresh and but does he use them? If so who are these guys haha and these colleagues you're referring to jb and fally especially fally right?

 and I'm so happy to see my guy asso back I just pray he's used in the next album otherwise I'll riot

I'm also glad a certain someone wasn't there at the repetition......

Kiekie, yeah I couldn't name 90% of this crew if my life depended on it. And point, he rarely uses most of them outside local concerts, but at least he has those guys on call (or texto like he infamously likes to do :D ) , if needed.

Mama Candy was probably waiting up stairs  ;D ;D

« on: June 19, 2018, 01:42 »
Good music, but imagine being Koffi's neighbor (like Papa Cherie) and hearing this repetition at 1-2am ;D

Dead weight Bebe Jitrois is resilient

« on: June 19, 2018, 01:38 »
Monde Arabe (Heros National)... Good stuff.... Koffi keeps a fresh/young band, which is something that can't be said about some of his colleagues

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