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Bercy you have badly handled the situation it was an accident but unfortunately your best friend Richard has died.

My condolence to his family but lets tell the full story as the post has been posted without explanation of what happen only Bercy has killed his friend.
Bercy came to pick up his friend so they can go to one of the bar  called Metro Bar which they did and on their way back as most Congolese people know you will have lots of shegues and others asking you for money so they were surrounded and Richard being his close circle open the door to give money but Bercu stupidly accelerated and his friend fell out of the car instead of stopping he then reversed maybe to get him but instead his friend Richard was still on the floor he over runned over him which is the reason he died which is probably internal bleeding as the guy was still alive from 3 am-5am puking blood which is very strange no one took him to hospital nor Bercy himself.

All this sounds like tooo much drinking and luck of judgement which Bercy has failed big big time should not have run away there were witnesses here in the uk the same thing happened to Harry Redknapp one of the English manager here but his wife did not die lucky this types od incident happens a lot but don't run away is an accident but unfortunately someone has died and on this case his close friend and we all know where some people will turn it into sacrifice

wow, this is real bad. Textbook homicide.

This will really spoil Wazekwa, Werra, & Ferre génériques for me if this is the case. I will never support someone who commits murder.

I hope it's not true, if so then that's the end of Bercy Muana unless he gets a Congolese Johnnie Cochran.

Nah, Bercy is not a multi-millionare ex-athlete/public figure who thought he was white..... he's f**ked big time if this is true.

I knew the kid was crazy, but wtf...

One of the rumbas where I pay particular attention to the lyrics. And his signature laugh always makes my days. Ah liwa eza moyibi!

Here is the lyrics and translation for non lingala speakers.

Madilu Systeme – Frere Edouard (Le Grande Ninja Sings about Edouard a greedy man)

1) Ha ha ha ha,
Frere edouard
A pimelaka moto ko seka na ko lela te, frere edouard
Soki ngolo ayebisi yo que ngando aza malade
Ndimela ye oh, po bango nyoso ba vandaka na mayi

Ha ha ha ha,
Brother Edouard
They share laughter and not crying
If Catfish tells you that crocodile is ill
Believe it because they both live in water

2) Butu eko komaka eh
Tongo pe eko tanaka eh
Ba mama bako lamuka na tongo
Ko luka mapa na boulangiere
Bango nde bako lamusaka biso, tongo esi etani

Nights come
The sun also rises women wake up
They go to buy bread from the bakery
They are the people who wake us up, early in the  morning

3) Ba mama ya mapa
Kinshasa a bosana bino eh
Que bino bato ba lamusaka bison a tongo
Po ba ndeko na ba soso ba bandaka ko lamusa
Biso na tongo, ba bunga oh

You, women who sell bread
Kinshasa has forgotten about you
It forgot that you wake us up in the morning
Because birds and chickens that used to wake us up disappeared

4) Nga, Diesa, na botama na nga mokolo ya eyenga ah
Yango mpe na mesana ko sambela
Mikolo minso ya lomingo
Na pokwa nga na mesana ko kende messe na nga
Po nalula nzambe eh

I, Diesa, was born on a sunday
This is why I am used to worshipping on Sundays
I am used to going to evening prayers
Because I love God

5) Nakomi na ndako ya nzambe
Frere Edoire a luli nga na miso ya bato
A beleli na miso ya ba ndimi
Ngai mwasi naye ya molimo
Na tika mibali nyoso ya misuni

I arrive at church
Brother Edouard admires me in public
He shouts in front of believers saying that I am his spiritual wife
I should leave all fleshly men

6) Na landi nanga lokuta ya frere edouard
Nakomi na ndako ya frere edouard
Frere Edouard alobi na lata robe ya molayi
Na tiya kitambala na moto
Frere Edoure okamwisi nga

I follow Brother Edouard’s lies
I arrive at brother Edouard’s house
Brother Edouard makes me wear a long dress
Cover my hair with a scarf
Brother Edouard you surprise me

7) Ah ngai, ya liwa, mawa ah Frere Edouard
Olulaki na ndenge na ngai te, Frere Edouard
Boni yo moyimi boye
Olingi ba tala nga na ndeko mosusu te

Oh me, Liya, it is sad brother edouard
Didn’t you admire the way that I was
How come you are so greedy
You don’t want other people to look at me

8) Kaka yo moko
Nayebi nyonso naza mwasi nayo
Obangaka nini, Frere Edouard
Pesa nga confiance lokola na mi pesa na molimo

Only you alone
I know that I am your wife
What makes you scared, Brother Edouard
Trust me the way I trust my faith

9) Ba ndimi eh
Eloko na monaka Frere edouard mabe
Soki ba paya ba ye ndako
To ya famille na ngai, to ya famillie naye

The thing that I don’t like about Brother Edouard
If visitors come to see us
My relatives or his

10) Oko mona Frere Edouard akomi mawa mawa
Lokola mwana ya moke ya 5 ans
Nanu azwi petit dejeuner na tongo te
Eh, ba frere na ba souer
Surtout kanda ezalaka na frere edouard

You will notice that Brother Edouard will become very sad
Like a 5 years old boy who hasn’t had breakfast yet
Eh, brothers and sisters brother Eduard gets especially mad

11) Ko meka ata senga ya sucree ten a sombela ba paya
Wana oko mona frere edouard abimiseli yo bible
Bo tanga esika moko
Et puis eloko mosusu, ezalaka na frere edouard

If you ask him for money to buy juice for visitors
He often brings out a bible, so that we can read it together
Another thing about Brother Edouard

12) Soki akangeli yo kanda
Eza lokola moto ba kangi ye na menotte na ba police
Ah, nga, Liya eh
Nga moko nazalaka mwasi ya elongi elengi

If he is upset with you
It is like somebody who has been handcuffed by police
Ah, me, Liya
I used to be a fine woman

13) Lelo nakomi lokola safu oyo eyindi na nzete
Batu kutu ya misuni ba koma kamwa ngai
En fin, nayebi te
Soki ba frere nyoso ba zalaka obe oboye oh
Ha, ha, ha, ha

Today I look like a black African pears
Sinners are now surprised about how I look
Well, I don’t know
I am wondering if all brothers behave like him

14) Na voiture nayo
Autocallant nyoso ba koma grace dieu
Na ndako na biso mur nyoso photo ya yesu

In your car all stickers say Grace to God
In our house
Jesus’s pctures are everywhere in our house

15) Na maboko naye oh
Chapelet ezalanga te, frere edouard
Yekola ko kaba, yekola pe ko limbisa baton go oh

In your hand
You always hold a rosary, Brother Edouard
Learn how to share, learn also how to forgive people

16) Kake ebataka likolo oh
Ebomaka nango bato nyoso te oh
Tango mosusu eko boma mobali
Etiki mwasi na bana

Lightning strikes in the sky
But it doesn’t kill everybody
Sometimes it kills the husband
And leaves the wife and children

17) Mabe toko salaka o se, eko futamaka o se
Bolamu toko salaka o se
Eko futamaka o likolo
Frere Edouard yekola ko baba
Yekola pe ko limbiso bato eh

What goes aroud comes around
Good deeds that we do on earth are rewarded in heaven
Brother Edouard learn how to share
Learn also how to forgive people

Le grande ninja alobi yo oko sambelaka te,
eza boye te, cette probleme individuale… instrumentals.

Merci mingi @cavalier solitaire. Vrai nzembo

Kiekie, @CMprince, yeah i knew where allegiances would lie with some members would lie before making the post  ;D

The man with the "golden baritone" as a BBC journalist once wrote:

Si je savais ca, Faute ya Visa, Juste un Peu d'Amour, Colonisation, Ya Jean... ah Madilu Multi-system was too good. RIP
You are wrong Ferre is following the same path, maybe the sound is a little bit different since music kind evoluted a bit, but I can easily say that Madilu, Papa Wemba, Csrlito, and Evoloko's heir is definitely Ferre.

lol, are you serious?

I’m a big Ferre fan, but his songs do not have the moving lyrics and passion that made Madilu revered by generations and his colleagues. The guy never got into silly polemics, just had a clean reputation making wonderful music.

The man with the "golden baritone" as a BBC journalist once wrote:

Si je savais ca, Faute ya Visa, Juste un Peu d'Amour, Colonisation, Ya Jean... ah Madilu Multi-system was too good. RIP

Career.... ozo ko Rond Point ozo

If I remember correctly he was very ill 2010-11, even loosing his signature beard while in hospital. I think his short absence then affected him as he had lots of momentum with Que demande le peuple?, Olympia afterwards as well as his mid-decade hit albums.

I remeber seeing photos of him at the hospital beardless and frail on the old forum. Made me worried as King Kester was also ill at the time. I won't speak on the specutation that went on as to the causes

Congolese Music / Re: Madilu's album 95 is so underrated
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:55 »
Fantastic album, very subpar marketing because the great Ibrahima Sylla (RIP) was not the producer like "Sans Commentaire". After the poorly received exploration album with Mbilia Bel & Rigo star, he signed to JPS in 1998.

Pardon particularly strikes a cord with me with how emotion the lyrics and vocals from Madilu & Dindo are. RIP to both.

I still have a hard time choosing one over the other. Much to the chagrin of both, their songs remained on the hit parades long after their departures, leading some to believe they were still QL members. I believe Pharmacien ended up being a bit more popular.

Pharmacien has one of my favorite rhumba mid-transitions

Mbetenge Domingo did a brilliant job arranging Insecticide

If both remained in QL Koffi would’ve definitely did a piss take and have Fally sing Insecticide and vice-versa ;D

Congolese Music / Re: ROGA ROGA & EXTRA MUSICA - 242 (AUDIO)
« on: March 14, 2018, 17:41 »
Yea, the album came out a week or so ago. zzZzz, it’s as if I want to fall asleep I should listen to Brazza génériques and hear the monotonous rhythm and drum arrangement.

Disappointed, as I’m an old school Extra fan.

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