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Hehehehe,Mopao is in trouble,Karmapa is also about to release his album which has that diss about Cindy ;D ;D

Really looking forward to this album, but his has to do good promo and SELF-marketing. Not just anti-Koffi allegories... in the end that ends up benefiting Koffi with how cunning he is with any attention directed towards his way. Wazekwa changed strategy after many years because of this


lol wata being typically rude to a fan advising him to keep some self control and "dignity"
Ahahahah Wata is too much emotional it is like a baby who never let you play with his games sonetimes, at least he answer back unlike Fally who goes straight eliminating hating comments. Anyway who are those two white people???

Just random people who happened to be in the picture frame. People were joking that the old lady was his date and reason he got in; kind of like Africans marrying old and/or overweight women to get papers  ;D

haha, many of his longest and most loyal fans are Ivorian. They have short memories of scandals as long as he shows up and plays Andrada and Micko as the first two opening songs

 He got his first big francophone exposure there in 1988 on a then famous show, which name escapes me.

In the late 90's before the coupé decale era he was the best selling artist in the country, followed by Defao and Extra Musica. Radio Nostalgie felt like Koffi radio then  :D

That's a nice car for bad roads lol.

Indeed. Most wealthy folks in Kin and Brazza drive around in high end SUVs and keep their luxury sedans and sports cars in Europe. Fally and Ferre are still secretly competing on car collections

I remember Koffi used to drive his then brand new Bentley on the streets of Kin with a big security detail surrouding him. Pot hole damage and lack of anyone who could service it made him ship it back

« on: Today at 01:12 »
People are ROASTING him on social media  ;D

Reminds me of the days when Fally used to show up at US music award shows just to be there. A lady used to send out emails on behalf of Monsoh to tell them he's a famous African artist in order to request guest tickets

Yea, one could say it's materialistic, but it's the fruits of his labour.

Excellent choice, being in the car business myself, the Panamera is such a nice car to drive

« on: May 23, 2017, 03:12 »
Le Prince de la rhumba very enthusiastic here ;D, really looking forward to this release. He really took his time in silence for high attention to detail.

Beniko Popolipo, Pathy Bass, Jimmy Mbonda, Afrisa alumni - all the makings of ‘Pur rhumba!’

Of all people, I didn’t expect him to be so overt with the 666 pseudo kindonki stuff..

I remember members really panning this générique and writing it off when it first came out. Kabuya in top form here

I played it at a recent family gathering and it was big hit for those dancing. Pegguy Tabu has big potential for leading a "6th" generation being a complete artist

This woman needs to go solo and stop wasting her time with these type of concerts. She has nothing new to offer to Koffi or QL that we haven't seen already. Koffi needs to let her do her own thing now.

But where would she be without him? Compared to her contemporaries and past female legends she's an average singer. All of them have faced some sort of barriers or struggle simply by being a female singer.

As her #1 fan, Koffi has put her on more than Fally or Suzuki could've ever dreamed of during their heyday in QL.

Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS VS KIBUISA MPIMPA
« on: May 22, 2017, 17:20 »
7 jours is supposed to have a big dosage of "world" songs, many of which produced in Chicago, so I'm not so sure it'll be a traditional style album

Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS VS KIBUISA MPIMPA
« on: May 22, 2017, 13:48 »

Can't find it on itunes nor Spotify

His label and Publicom have been slacking on digital media releases for some time now. Tatiana Cruz's album released was botched badly.

 Honestly I wouldn't recommend any young artists signing to his label until they get it together. He's not a fully proven artist yet, so I wonder why she signed a multi album contract with "Wanted".

For the third time. Congrats to him, i know this is they type of accolade that he holds very dearly

No more braids, that's surprising

Congolese Music / Re: Where's Rigo Star nowadays ?
« on: May 21, 2017, 02:50 »
Recently credited with arrangement and guitar work for Papa Forme's recently released album

He's also on credits for Stino and Reddy's yet to be released albums

Here is what I was referring to;  what a faux pas... Mopao you had weeks to prepare

At least have a podium

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