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Haha, shout to the champs, Real Madrid. Mo Salah’s injury was a dagger straight to heart for you Liverpool fans. Amazing year the club has had regardless

Congolese Music / Re: Fabregas new generique Pincage
« on: May 26, 2018, 18:41 »
Joe Public is not feeling this générique. Noise. Maybe he’ll develop a new arrangement for the next one.

The whole squad was rolling deep in Benzes - the golen era for QL. Even the usually silent Felly Tyson was feeling real charismatic

lol, Tabu Ley (RIP) was looking hella salty during that interview. All his pire petit stars were flashy as hell during that era, which pissed off the old timers

If every artist was like this to each other (Koffi included) we’d be in a much better place and the history of the genre would be more positive.

When it's time for polemic everyone comes out of the woodworks, but when it's solidarity things go quiet.

If they actually show that part ima be happy. Usually categories like that you find out the winner online but hopefully they broadcast it. They did have a french rap cypher in like 2013 so anything is possible with the BET awards as far as international acts.

HIGHLY doubtful.  Wizkid broke the glass ceiling when he had that track with Drake late last year.  Other than that Afropop isn't popular in the US like it is in countries like France, UK, the Netherlands etc.  I'd rather like to see our artists earn a Grammy award that has more weight and recognition than a BET award.  Just my opinion.

Yeah, the BET awards doesn't have much prestige in the states. Usually the big name nominees don't even show up. It's only more prestigous than the Vibe (no longer in existence) and the Soul Train awards.

For Fally, it's a big coup because years ago people mocked him because he and Monsoh used to invite themselves to the BET awards (and Grammys) ceremonies just to be there, now Fally is an award nominee.

Michy Batshuayi‘s situation is pretty disgraceful I must say. The athletes who speak like that (American or European) usually have a white gf or wife.

They should be aware of Emmanuel Eboue’s sad story.

@Manzambi ; I didn’t say he was against being Congolese, he just wants to be viewed as French. Not sure if you saw his interview on French national television, but Maître Gims basically said he should not be looked to speak out on issues in the DRC because he is a part of French culture,  not Congolese culture. He further stated that there nothing he could do to change the situation (kinda true). But he never hesitated to publicly speak about the injustices in Syria. That’s what made diaspora people online, like Voice of Congo and Macdeddy’s page pissed off.

He was denied french citizenship because it was discovered that he was legally married to two women at the same time - A Morrocan girl who he had children with and DemDem, his Malian girl he’s seen in public with.

Does Dadju count as a Congolese Musician or a French Based artist who's Congolese? I hear elements of Congolese music in his work but for the most part it sound Banku/Afrobeat. Anyways, I'll support  :).
, Maitre Gims doesn't even have French nationality yet

Yet he believes he should be viewed as a Frenchman and not Congolese, smh. That’s why Congolese diaspora is currently pissed at him.

If you’ve been in a country since age 2 and still denied citizenship, then it’s should make you prouder of your true origins.

Really nice beginning where he describes his history, about his father's (RIP) career, and how his father influenced him musically.

"Pète les plombs" is a phrase I will forever associate with Koffi and his infamous phone interview rant ;D ;D ;D

kiekie, he looks older than Wazekwa, Koffi, & Karmapa but is a 5gen artist


Right now I will wait for the end of the year because the only real competition came from Manda Chante, Karmapa, and now Blaise Bula.

Good taste, "Les Trois As" of albums for me over the past 2 years are Manda's "Je Suis", Kapmapa's "Caligula", & Blasie's "Rendekita". Also, Gloria Tukhadio's recent "Identité protégée".These albums have given me hope for great music from this genre and are a cut above the rest.

Not saying QQJD is bad; but he could've cut the fat by trimming it to 2 Volume of the best songs, as well as mixing the generiques properly in Europe.

The rest of the releases over the past 2-3 years have been either alright, lacking something, too long, or just terrible.

Fikin '05

kiekie, he used to have kuluna tendencies back in the day. He be embarrassed if he saw this now

10/10 I don't know how people may say that it is not perfect, I mean 33 songs is the right number, since Congolese music have a very short number of songs.

I believe ndeko @mvulusi has the complete opposite viewpoint from yours regarding this album. :D


Great rhumbas, but there are few songs that sound the same. Not nearly as bad as Boitre Noire, where it felt like the next song was a repeat of the previous song.

Regarding the generiques - I still haven't listen to one in-full to this day. Very basic sound and they're all uninteresting. I skip them and get straight to the rhumba.

Finally some footage of Bana Odeon. Never actually seen what they looked like or what they sounded like but seems as if every atalaku in the sun was formed there from what I always hear.

Under african skies can never be topped I dont think. Unless someone does some deep deep research on the golden years, but I doubt anyone is gonna be able to pull unseen footage from those years. Great documentary and very informative I watched it about 5 years back maybe thats why I missed the Odeon part.

Crazy how you can almost see the future of someone when they’re still child though

Maybe one day we’ll put out knowledge and technical skill together tocreate a 21st comprehensive documentary. The issue is almost everyone has a complex, so people probably not participate when they find out their rival is also participating.
If you pay Koffi, Ferre, Fally, Werra, JB 50k dollars for making a documentary all of them together in one place they will  accept it

Nope. People have tried that... they’re all millionaires. Maybe Trace Afrique is the outlet that could pull it off since they’re all on good terms with the President.

Barely any mabanga as well

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