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Just sitting back every term, traveling to Europe all the time, and paying artist to sing his praises. The last decent government of Kinshasa was Sakombi Inongo (RIP)

Big road sinkhole now filled with dirty water


(5:35) Awa Aziz is the female version of Defao. How can you bleach that much? It's just scary. Self-hatred to the max...

lol, my brothers living in Europe... why are Congolese extra arrogant there? All the donors/associates also interviewed here are absolutely intolerable. Even when I'm there seeing family everybody is so damn self-righteous

Lolo Milolo is much older than him, no?  ;D

Another very professional spousal interview  :D :D

Used to have a crush on her back in the day. The way Koffi goes from grand intellectuel to professional troll for pleasure will always mystify me

Matebu, I'm serious it's not fire from the start if you want a sebene song that's fire from the start then listen to Gilba or Meme Pas Mal. As for the rhumba part I like the vocals that's it.

Ok. The rest of us appreciate it

Matebu, With all the funds Koffi has he was struggling to record a project? Bendele does sound kind of choppy when I think about it (they did a good job on making it seem like it wasn't) but does have good sebene in it. Gessac has good stuff to me.

Even with all the money in the world, you can't simply buy yourself the best band. Behind the scenes he was devastated by all the talent departures. That's why he trusted nobody who stayed behind and the new arrivals.

He even went on television with a bunch of female singers saying he wanted to make QL all female

This song is not powerful meme pas mal is better, I've been listening to this album lately. I really hope that sebene songs make a strong return.

Lol, our resident contrarian. Just enjoy the nice music.

It’s your unique opinion so none of us are here to change that. Here goes nothing... however, on a forum like this, not only are we fans with opinions, we are also educated with what actually went on at the time when x or y song/album was released.

With all due respect, stuff like this is can affect your credibility in other discussions on what what is considered by fans, known musical critics, and commercial success to be actual classics. Judging by some of your opinions, I'm willing to guess you were born in the mid-90's, which explains why you prefer later releases. 

After the Soyons Serieux thread, no one wants to take your bait and put in the time to really explain the reality of events in these types of threads. Most think you're trolling here.

Ndeko Archos, Mvulusi, myself and others  tried to explain to you that SS was a critical/commercial flop and BCBG members themselves were not happy with the album. But you did the equivalent of cross your hands & feet and said nope.


Without going into too much detail, I was in Kinshasa when Koffi was really struggling to record BEK. He thought just taking Gesac from Wazekwa when he was top falsetto would solve his atalakou woes, but he didn’t realize Gesac had no creativity whatsoever.

I was at GHK early 2008 for his Valentines day concert and the concert was just terrible. Koffi knew it and the audience knew it, but they were VIPs (friends). If it was Fikin with that team, he would’ve been booed right off stage.

He released a single générique "Bla Bla Bla" in ’07 showcasing Gesac & female atalakou Soglene Royal and it was a epic flop. So bad it made Koffi insecure with the other génériques he recorded. This was when King Kester shocked the scene and had the best générique and clip of 2007. “Kipe ya yo”, the générique was a Kinshasa hit despite some criticisms, and “Mayi ya Sika” was popular with locals.

In fact, BEK was not supposed to have génériques (just the 2 featurings), but his producer requested it, so he put together all the “good” parts of various recorded génériques and made the dumpster fire that is Bendele. "Cle Boa" was recorded very last minute, I’m sure Koffi himself doesn’t remember who the composer is…

Congolese Music / Re: credits of Amelia's Constat (2000)
« on: October 23, 2017, 21:41 »
Ah, thanks. One of my favorite albums ever. Released at the wrong time like all the other young solo acts (Montana, Alpatshino, Suzuki, etc.), unfortunately.

An absolute all star studio backing; an artist couldn't have asked for better
When do you think would've been the right time? And Suzuki's album is one of my favourites I need to find that album again it got taken off YouTube smh

This made me mad! I remember discovering Decompte Final the Sebene/Generique?!!! Only to discover the album was taken off, and I cant find it anywhere else online?

Yes, very unfortuate. That's why when some of the YTer's upload very rare albums, I download them (even though I'd prefer to give patronage to African artists).

You could buy the CD, but the asking price is 92 euros. Ridiculous

« on: October 23, 2017, 21:08 »
If listen to But Na Filet from Longue Histoire, you hear Kester shout him out. He was in the group with a bunch of other backups a while before getting promoted after Guy Moller and Masudi left

« on: October 23, 2017, 19:38 »
Who is he?

Was long time Atalakou for King Kester (RIP). Particularly when Victoria was dominating the animation and dance innovation game in the late 90's-early 200's (Kiwazenza, Tshaku Libondas, Cimetière na Kitambo, etcs).

What I mean by this, is that most groups from the ndombolo era were getting their animations and dances from Victoria Eleison

« on: October 23, 2017, 16:31 »
Mulos Cantos - "Marvin Gaye" . This interview was a mess but looking forward to his release

You say this, but these guys do not know each other on a true personal level...

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI'S NEW CLIP
« on: October 23, 2017, 05:17 »
Wow, guys check out the comment section. First time in a long time all the comments are almost all postive for a big DRC artist

Really good rhumba I must say; see what a more little singing effort does for you (Koffi & Cindy). And it's very evident that Koffi's studio is top marks.

« on: October 22, 2017, 23:32 »
The song brings heat from start to finish

Too bad mokuwa mbongo had no choice but to give into the rhumba album format after this album

lol, wasn't it you a few months ago who went to great lengths yo tell us Soyons Serieux was much better than Internet?

You're defying my sebene logic, so I'm off to other threads. No disrespect

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