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Who the hell really thought 50 Cent would actually agree to outdoor concerts in Lumbumbashi and Kinshasa?

JB Mpiana "le seigneur de liqiuide" ;D

(2:33) "a linga, a linga te.. ako mata Mpunda!" Wether you love it or don't love it, you will climb the Mpunda (horse)

It's funny cause didier Masela, Adolphe and others have different versions by now MM was formed and this is never talked about

I don’t know about you guys but the one guy I trust 1000% when it comes to Wenge “who founded what” or “who actually did X or Y” questions is Fondé du pouvoir, Didier Masela. Also, Ambassadeur Kija Brown and Makaba.

Not only were those guys there from day one, they also remained level-headed when things went south for both WM 4x4 and the original WMM.

CM Prince, Didier did an interview about 2 years ago where he set the record complete straight with his characteristic bluntness.

I’ve must watched it 10 times now because he makes very interesting revelations and drops cold hard facts. Might be my favorite interview.

Aside from them being superstars to varying degrees, the reason why Werrason, JB, and Adolphe don’t talk about their separations is because there was overwhelming emotion for them when it happened and life immediately after.

Ambassadeur Kija Brown did a tell all interview with Ado Yuhe, but unfortunately it must’ve been deleted. He answered lots of administrative questions in that interview.

Someone made a good point; Playboy Hugh Heffner has effectively been doing the same thing for 50 years yet he hasn't been taken to court or condemned

Looks like legal proceedings are now on the horizon

Is she seen at this concert or his recent concerts? (A bit too long to watch both videos)

Fally is being invited to a gala dinner again by the Prince of Monaco. lol man, he's getting everybody to assist with promoting his album

The album is still not availble in the U.S, smh. Someone needs to tell Manon Loubaki or someone on his team

^ Depitsho's saving grace was his dancing abilities. Montana was also a crowd pleaser

 Once Koffi's EU issues are sorted l, I think a Koffi/Fally or QL reunion concert at PDP would have the stadium sold-out with the quickness. Especially considering their social media and non-social media fanbases.

Even though they're on father-son terms, I think egos and their respective teams would prevent it from happening. And the parasite combatants.

Lack of creativity means a short shelf life for an atalakou

He had the popularity at the time amongst the diaspora and world music listeners, but that didn't convince the stadium administration to allow the concert.

Even though he was the only one to sell out Bercy, the venue lost it's mystique when his colleagues played Bercy also. So he wanted to separate himself but playing there, it was too ambitious, not even French artists playthere

Lol this guy is a joke is like an old version a Juvenal Kibala but in a politician version

He's the brains behind the joke of a news organization that is Lingala Facile ;D. Seriously though, back in the 90's he had a very high level of professionalism, which is why he became the most influential journalist to every single artist.

On thing is for sure, if you get on his bad side with his short temper, he'll stop at nothing to destroy you, which can be dangerous being that he's a politician now. Just ask vieux Quadra

I have neve heard of Acide Wanzambi after this generique, he was good but like most of the people in that era too much trying of being Bill instead of being original except for KipeleKiese which is a slow rhythm generique I think that this was the best of Ferre's generique since his solo career he should take animation more often instead of letting it into the atalakus

Personally, even though it's great, I don't rate Kipele Kiese as a tradition générique. It's a dance track

Does any one know the musicians that played this?

Animation: Acide Wanzambi & Ferre Gola
Guitars: Felly Tyson, Japonais Maladi & Picas Mbayo
Bass: Michel Bass
Drums/Percussions: Titina Alcapone
Programming: Philiphe Guez
Mbonda: Mavungu?

And I think the album was released Dec 28, 2006.

This remains my favourite Ferre générique

Good, they shouldn't be able to play as long as long as the relevant Congolese artists based in Congo aren't playing yet.

Nonsense.  Why further compound the issue?

You've been so against these guys performing, even in the same small bar/restaurant (Chez Djonga) for free, that your response was predictable.

« on: July 23, 2017, 03:47 »
he has been singing like shit lately..

Mrvibe, i dont know who bribed you to talk such gibberish...if you have a head injury i suggest you go for a check up, cause your statement is a symptom of some kind of head injury or ears problem...your circuit isn't working properly... get the doctor to prescribe you with something and then subscribe to Ferre Gola TV, ok Mrvibe, just a thought ;)

I aint got no head injury or ears problem bro.. i am just staying what i feel about the short guy singing skills these days. To me he is trying to hard to impress which is not working for me.. dont call me what you have tried to call me here as i totally know what im doing and saying is totally up to my opinion ,please respect it and you must know that sending me to subscribe to Ferre T Gola is like asking me to kill myself.  Sorry aint doing it bro... 8)

Mrvibe Your comment alone makes me believe you hate ferre but i don't give a fuck about that because hate is free love is free  just do me a favor i we like you to stop playing ferre songs or ever comment about him, stick to who you like and leave ferre alone Mrvibe
Mrvibes is free to comment on Ferre's status and I'm sure he'll continue to listen to Ferre's music in some capacity. He just feels that the Ferre of today doesn't compare to the early Maison Mère Ferre.

Maybe the diction was hard for some to digest.

Congolese Music / Re: Archive; Wemba's last Zenith (2003)
« on: July 23, 2017, 01:11 »

Wemba could have done more with his band Viva Tendance, having singers like Serge Mabiala, Mamale, Guy-Guy Fall, Guejo Star and Christian Lema.

Kester was particularly pissed that Wemba poached his then favorite singer,  Guejo Star

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