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This is a sign that it isn't going well with Congolese music, everybody wants to quit music to become a politician, knowing that they will be paid well. I'm 100% sure they will not serve the Congolese population, but just be corrupt like those who were voted in 2006 & 2011, flirting underaged and young girls, sending kuluna's to beat people who are against them and build/buy villa's. The musicians of Wenge Maison Mere aren't the same anymore (except Nicodem), since that there aren't concerts anymore in Europe. They are all broke, while in the past they were throwing money, driving in expensive cars, stealing girls from other boys, making war with rivals of other bands by buying alot of champagne in the club (Heritier was the master in that back in 2010).

That near million dollar Chicago house Werra bought in cash last year might be costing him. Other than that, Werra is an infamously frugal person compared to other leaders - like he has no serious interest in luxury cars

(Not implying that this is the sole reason)

Now this is weird  :D

Mère Cindy in the cut too

He really wasn’t born on Christmas, kiekie... the urban legend is false. I guess why not... so many donors and ex-staff have become politicians

On a serious note, I think this experience is good for Fally's growth. We've all been through humbling moments that changed our outlook on things. Black Americans care less about African culture (Black Panther the big exception) than many white Americans - my observation from living here for some time.

Wemba went through a similar sort of thing when his "world" audience disappeared a while after Emotion, and then he subsequently went back to focusing on authentic Congolese music and having his poplarity grow when he adapted to the dance era with Ecrita.

I've also notice Fally chilling out on the whole greatest, "GOAT", King, etc rhetoric that peeved some of us last year

So according Sankara, Werra is the only and last star of Congo... confirmé by Michael Jackson himself  ;D ;D

lol, he’s got the prison weight still


Looks like he is enjoying it himself .lol they really need to mix it well. We never know it might be a big hit.  Especially if its accompanied with a crazy dance.. Just saying

lol, that remix bangs

Thank you for taking the time to put this highly infomative thread together. Looking forward to part 2

Mood... no stressing myself trying to become an American  ;D

kidding of course. Don't take it personal

This is disrespectful and just cringe they could've at least pretended to take pics lol

kiekie, they said all said "f that, I gotta save space on my SD card"

Thing is he'd be treated as royalty at any African awards show. He's out of his element here

The top comment makes a really good point, I must say

Ouuucccch, damn that is harsh. Maybe he should've said he was R Kelly or something...

Well, he is innocent until proven guilty. So the burden of proof is on the accusers. Am not in a position to say how the outcome would be if he availed himself to the French authorities, but the fact that he has not gone to clear his name means his accusers may well have valid accusations against him.

I await full verdicts from our forum’s self-elected Supreme Court justices (since they apparently hold a moral high ground) , but I share the same sentiments as you.... I strongly believe in innocent until proven guilty, but it’s become way too long in the tooth the guy has been ducking the case so it makes very hard for me to have confidence in him.

That’s why I found it very particularly ironic seeing him in full French football jerseys singing their praises on social media, saying je suis la France and what not.

In interviews he’s stated that he has no interest in being in Europe anymore, but i know it’s really the opposite. He used to spend most of his time in Europe prior to ‘09

Congolese Music / Re: WORLD CUP 2018 THREAD
« on: July 16, 2018, 01:51 »
Some of the hardest periods of my life was briefly living in Tours in the middle of France

People from French provinces are know to be very racist again blacks and muslims. Some people said to me i was paranoiac to say that but i don't give a f... as a black man from Paris that's how i feel.

Yes indeed. Imagine getting the stink eye everywhere you go. That’s why that Twitter post from Khaled Beydoun is poignant to those in hard celebration mode. But such is life

Why do this to himself? Didn't he have an album he was working on?

He relapsed. My cousin was also an addict/drunk in Kinshasa. We tried numerous times to get him through rehab and help by a church... for a while it seemed like he was becoming a changed man, then when we least expected it he said f*ck you and went back to hard drugs and devil worshiping. Soon after he was found dead on the street in Masina by some little kids.

Usually when addicts relapse hard like Kabuya is showing, they die shortly after. It’s sad

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