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Etat-Major in full:

Nando77; I haven't forgotten about you. I'll send my list when it get a chance to put everything together.

Does someone have this album which was recorded in the USA, before recording the original album in Paris. It was without Celeo, Didier Masela & Christian Mabanga.

I believe a friend of mine has the CD. Heard it at his place years ago. I'll check if he still has it.

The most conclusive list you got there @Bohemian Rhapsody. Impressive. Fally's bassist is Wallo Bass.

1. Lofombo
3. Djo Mali
4. Guy Wazambe
5. Between Mimiche,Pathy bass, Mabanga and Espe Bass
Im a huge wenge 4x4 fan but when it came to bass Masela was nowhere near level of any Bass players at QL

kiekie, Masela was too focused on the cigarette he was always smoking. I rate him more for his status as "fondé" rather than his bass work.

I agree with your list, I'd add Rocky Blanchard, Tosha Fulakanda, Ngouma Lokito, and Mpudi Decca (RIP) to the list though. In no particular order, but all after Lofombo. He's the best ever to do it for the genre.

^ Artist concerts are the easiest targets because they don't have to deal with the presidental guard. Cancelling a concert is the biggest buzz they can make there.

Also, don't forget diplomats and heads of states receive special protections, escpecially from the French government. The French need to keep their puppets in place as they continue to rape (sorry, but not sorry) Francophone Africa of it's resources.

In case you were wondering, here is the tell-all interview. Baby's tone and body language is of someone who doesn't give a damn who his ex-boss is


I could be wrong, but most artist within these big group like QL, Wenge, and so on make their living from saving the payment recieved from touring, mabangas, and their membership salary.

On the surface, that's what one would think (and it happened in other bands), but with Werra's reputation that has existed since the days of Wenge 4x4, this has not happen in MM

It was mentioned Baby Ndombe in a recent interview that in 2001/2 Werra recieved $200,000 bonus from President Sassou of Brazza, but he give just 10 of 50+ musicians a $100 bonus. This is not normal behavior.

Frankly, if he paid everyone adequately, Les Marquis would've not been a thing.


 Does anyone know if any of the original bands members are getting royalties from their previous work with Maison Mere? Or is it's a foreign concept to them? 

lol, no. That's royalites is a foreign langage to MM ex-members. They were barely getting scrap payments in the band. If it weren't for benevolent donors, most would have had nothing to really live on.

Early on Ferre and the rest were walking long distances to concerts, while Werra was being chauffered in Benzes. Meanwhile, they were the ones who made Maison Mère what it is. Whith out them, Werra would have left DRC in 1998 and settled in Montreal, Canada, no longer a musician.

It also sounds like Japonais had a huge part in arranging the music and left with nothing except gifts. Did I read that right?

Yup. You read that right.


Kiekie tchip, same fools, but better dressed and more eloquent - Brazza style  ::) ::) ;D

Maybe these guys will be too soft to have a physical presence to cancel a scheduled concert. Kuluna behavior is what worked for their DRC counterparts.

Woah at this thread. This is all too shocking to me. It's pretty much corruption at every level. This is the first time i'm hearing about these practices of punishing band members in such a way physically and financially. Does this happen in 90% of our Congolese bands? Plus how do you know so much insider info?

Congolese culture revolves heavily on what Franco called “les on dits” or gossip. If something happens, someone will talk or it will be caught on tape.

These events happen in many bands, but everything (especially fights) are to another level in Maison Mère due to all the hot heads that have passed through the group.

I blame Werra in part because though he publicly tries to be a hands off guy... in every situation he’s usually instigating in the background via Sankara and co

« on: February 21, 2018, 19:01 »
Welcome my brother. So glad to have your presence again

OK he likes to sleep with 18 years old girls but come on wow people go that hard on him?
If he was white, he could probably the current president of the United States (You can grab'em by the p**** guy) but since he is black they are bashing him the hardest they can

If R Kelly did those things with a white a girl, he would be in prison right now.

They let him be just because he only messed with black girls.

Yea, that’s a fact.

A CD shop owner publically crying over a woman with Fally's "Deliberation" playing in the background. How fitting

His "friends" ain't sh*t for recording him and gasing it ;D

Sad things for the legend, he has enough money to not even be in that situation.

It appears he's on his way to going broke from recent reports. He was really devasted when his tour was cancelled since that's how all artists make big money nowadays

Congolese Music / Re: Fally's next album is coming soon
« on: February 21, 2018, 02:36 »
Looking forward to this one. This will be his most important album yet for a variety of reasons.

« on: February 21, 2018, 01:56 »
Maybe this thread has run it’s course, so we can let bygones be bygones and move on to other subjects.

OK he likes to sleep with 18 years old girls but come on wow people go that hard on him?
If he was white, he could probably the current president of the United States (You can grab'em by the p**** guy) but since he is black they are bashing him the hardest they can

The sad part is if he stuck to non-teenage women, R Kelly would’ve been the most legendary R&B artist of the 21 century, no question. But from Aaliyah onwards he hasn’t tried to change himself. Even now he has a 19 year old girlfriend. I mean wtf?

This got me thinking, magine if Papa Wemba was an American celebrity.... especially with 14/15/16 year old Fioti-Fioti dancers he had on tour in Europe during the ndombolo era.

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