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Was that djouja mumbafu in the beginning?
Yea, “Le Défenseur”. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have interest in making new music. He’s been sitting on an album called “Foudre” for years now

Congolese Music / Re: Kaps Kapangala
« on: Today at 03:12 »
See the thing is apart from donor, a lot of these guys prefer if you didn’t know their full background. He was close to Wenge early on, the became big donor for Wemba and Koffi. He became associated with Wenge because he had money.

For example “Price Akim de Lausanne” is my cousin. He lives like a playboy and rhumbas in his name (like Silivi), but he is a professional thief and spent lots of time in Swiss prison.

Congolese Music / Re: Kaps Kapangala
« on: Today at 02:59 »
Sometimes I really wonder how the these big Europe guys have gotten their wealth to become sapeur/donors for leisure. Many lack formal education. I know some are former Mobutu associates, but my impression is the shady Poto underworld

Most of the big guys in DRC & Angola are in the Oil and precious minerals industry so there’s no real question there

Congolese Music / Re: Kaps Kapangala
« on: Today at 02:53 »
Champion Kaps Kapangala, “L’homme à la Rolls et la Ferrari”

Just a rich donor from London/Paris who was paying big money in the late 90’s-00’s. Him and Laurent Lorenzo na London paid hella money to help fund Effrakata. Werra’s song Suprise Kapangala is probably my favorite Werra WM 4x4 song cause he sung so well.

Woow very nice.......but number 1 in congo not all Light Music Villa Nova is the best......... Ferre n his team they are good yes but lets not mis represent Congo music their art is just ok..........Villa Nova is on point and currently the best thing in congo music scene

Kiekie, what? Same goes for Ferre’s group. Despite the drama, Maison mère is still a powerhouse. Team Wata has also gained a lot of steam recently.

@mvulusi Zorro has acted like an internet journalist before YouTube. I'm convinced he has some mental issues. Sad as it was, I guess he had Kakol's directed beating coming his way.

The only decent work I can remember from him is his interview with Didier Masela. People don't respect him like his esteemed colleague, Cesar Ngadi.

Side note, damn Lokassa ya Mbongo has aged. I didn't recognize him at first. The most prolific rhymist

I'll answer some of your questions. Yes, Roga Roga played solo on Cameleon, his improvised QL guitar licks were head-and-shoulders above Tyson's. Real sweet and intricate licks. And you can tell he did it in one take. 

Roga Roga was also invited to Bercy. Koffi has lots of respect for him and they are good friends.

What I've heard was that it was only CNN on Attentat because Koffi wanted to counter Tutu's popular solo animation work on Titanic. Even though Ocean had a pretty good run, it was crazy how CNN overpowered him.

I love Trop C'est Trop so much, it's hard for me personally to choose a favorite song. If I were forced to choose from the CD, it'd be a dead heat between Gambala, N'Julie & Zangul Zangul.

A full Extra Musica Zangul reunion... nah. They last time they tried the 20th anniversary reunion, Roga Roga completely disrespected those who participated. It was disgusting to watch.


Looking forward, Defao has never disappointed. His remix of Ley's "Nakoki Katikayote" was so good.

I'm a bit disappointed in Sam... they did zero justice to the song. Almost sounds like a parody

Huge throwback. Abarambwa is a skilled drummer

« on: February 22, 2018, 21:39 »
that guy is experienced,he sang with koffi on bord ezanga kombo
yes on the song Bomengo if I'm not mistaken

Indeed (4:20-) Man this chorus lineup was so promising for QL..... Great song.

Either they marry some pastor to cleanse themselves of their past or some unsuspecting white guy


I'm surprised Seguin isn't as joyful behind the drums as the others, his position as drummer has rarely been contested.

Kiekie, that’s because he was ready to beat the sh*t out of anyone who challenged him. He also has JB under a spell

Etat-Major in full:

Nando77; I haven't forgotten about you. I'll send my list when it get a chance to put everything together.

Does someone have this album which was recorded in the USA, before recording the original album in Paris. It was without Celeo, Didier Masela & Christian Mabanga.

I believe a friend of mine has the CD. Heard it at his place years ago. I'll check if he still has it.

Congolese Music / Re: Who are your favourite bass players
« on: February 22, 2018, 05:26 »
The most conclusive list you got there @Bohemian Rhapsody. Impressive. Fally's bassist is Wallo Bass.

1. Lofombo
3. Djo Mali
4. Guy Wazambe
5. Between Mimiche,Pathy bass, Mabanga and Espe Bass
Im a huge wenge 4x4 fan but when it came to bass Masela was nowhere near level of any Bass players at QL

kiekie, Masela was too focused on the cigarette he was always smoking. I rate him more for his status as "fondé" rather than his bass work.

I agree with your list, I'd add Rocky Blanchard, Tosha Fulakanda, Ngouma Lokito, and Mpudi Decca (RIP) to the list though. In no particular order, but all after Lofombo. He's the best ever to do it for the genre.

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