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Please, I would like to know what he(Ekokota) has been up to since he is no longer doing music.

He lives in Brussels and performs occasionally there on the weekends.

He looks to be in good spirits, but for guy I consider the cornerstone of atalakou I wish he was still was spoken with the same esteem the Wenge founders are. He needs to be in Kinshasa guiding the young guys. Especially teaching them the importance of the shaker.

 Roberto, Djuna Mumbafu, and Nono are the fathers, in my opinion.

Thanks Matebu. Good to know he is fine.

This is really nice! I like the guy.

Please, I would like to know what he(Ekokota) has been up to since he is no longer doing music.

Thanks archos for clarifying the name emerite to Toolz, I thought it was common knowledge..a reconciliation with werrason is obviously more welcome than a visit to JB. Heritier should capitalise on his new found kindness and show respect, peace with werrason will benefit him in the long run. Especially with donors from werra's camp eg Didi etc.

  :D I never knew him as Emerite. I just got to know that today. I only know him as Werra, Nsone, Noel Ngiama... :D
All I am after is for them all to be united and flow in peace. The sky is big enough for all their birds to fly.

Deadbeat band shows up once every three years and expects things to be ok..I petty them they had so much potential but wasted because of empty promises and planning..imagine if jb's talent was given to more aggressive and driven individual the imbalance in Congolese music would not be this bad...

On point! There is an adage in my place that says "he who has got a head does not have a cap to wear on it while he who has got a cap does not have a head to put it on". JB is just wasting his musical talent all in the name of what I don't know. It is a free gift of nature so he seems not to know the worth of the talent he has been given.

Oh...ok. Thank you@ Archos

Please who is Emerite?

All right @ Simplicity. Thank you.

Mwana Nsalu, it seems you are taking the whole thing through a totally different route and at this point, I do not think that is necessary. You have got the right to your opinion about the whole thing which of course is not my concern. I guess defining what is "mad defensive" , "overly defensive" etc is your forte...Keep at it! I have explained my standpoint on why I asked that question and that is it.
I decided to give you a background story so that you would know what transpired earlier on in case you don't- going by your wonderful judgement of the whole thing. Bringing mrvibes in is totally uncalled for I do not think you saw me cheering mrvibes for "agreeing with me" as you have said. Since you found my "approach" "strange" why didn't you go over the post that I mentioned earlier and see for yourself who has acted strange and weird in his approach?!
I do not think you have got to overstretch this issue. I have got no time for personal attacks so also if anyone insults me, I have got the right to talk. Nobody can gag me.

Lol@ JV... Thank you. lol
I was just a little surprised at  Mwana Nsalu's  'judgement' of the whole thing and I thought I should give her a background story to the whole argument.

Please forgive my error: I meant to type "I implore you" not "I indulge you" .

from an unbiased perspective Toolz your initial reply can be seen as an overly defensive. as if you are offended that anyone would question fally or his actions. give manzambi a break Lol i don't get the whole argument that he needs to 'grow up'. this whole thread got weird for no reason smh

anyways archos  said it best. right now fally is 'doing it for the gram' the best out of any congolese artist. the photo opportunities may not necessarily lead to anything directly but just the fact that he has these photo opportunities looks good for him.

Really??? @being overly defensive. Ok. Maybe I didn't get what he was trying say with the post then. I have said it here severally that i am a fan of all the artistes with an exception of maybe one or two artistes. And i do not have to go overly protective of the artistes because i do not worship them. I was just wondering why someone would ask how an artiste got an invite to a movie premiere when he is in the entertainment world and there are connections here and there.
Then I guess you didn't read the part where he said I should stop acting foolish...I guess you didn't read that. And that was what made me ask him to grow up. For I do not think it had got to the level of asking the other person if he has got any problems with you and that the person should stop acting foolish.
I got the whole picture of what he was trying to say when Archos waded in and that was cool enough. But he can't just be reeling off unnecessarily like that without some caution please, Mwana Nsalu. I do not have time for personal attacks because I am not on this forum to fight people. You said you didn't get the whole argument about his need to grow up... He mentioned that I have always attacked him on his posts of which it was on a post about who sings better between Fally and Ferre. And I said he should have let sleeping dogs lie because that post might cause some unnecessary argument. I was not the only person that talked on that post so why would he single me out and now say I have always attacked him? Mwana Nsalu, I indulge you to go read some of Manzambi's posts and see where I have attacked him. So if he is that petty, he might need some growing up. For I didn't come here because of anybody but my love for Congolese Music. And I do not think anyone can gag me for asking questions whenever I do not get the trail of the discussion.
That is just it.

Read it in the news now that George Weah is still leading ...I pray he wins finally o. And that the election was very peaceful.
Now this brings me to this: which way DRC? Now that  Kabila has turned himself to a sit-tight president...

Congolese Music / Re: This guy is so jealous of Fally's succes
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:44 »
Fally is annoying at times he can get too sensitive when it comes to criticism you've gotta accept haters otherwise you're not doing your job properly facts

Constructive criticism does not imply hating. It is for you to see your work in its real and raw form please.

Congolese Music / Re: This guy is so jealous of Fally's succes
« on: October 14, 2017, 08:30 »
@JB's direction... Lol...I know

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